PinoyGamer Careers and Oppurtunities


Mar 4, 2015
PinoyGamer wants to expand its reach from a community but a one stop place for all Filipino gamers around the world. So we are looking for the following to join our team!

Volunteer Content Writer - We are looking for volunteer writers who can contribute in the community with gaming related tips, news, and articles for fellow gamers alike.
  • Knowledge on recent and upcoming games
  • Knowledge on eSports and pro scenes is a plus
  • Have a reliable internet
  • Must be a team player and can work with others
  • Dedicate time and not rush articles
  • Active on the community via small talks and replies
Forum Community Manager - Looking for users who are active in the community that enforce basic etiquette and manners as well as communicate with forum members.
  • Must be friendly with the forums users
  • Active on daily basis to reply on active threads
  • Can consolidate weekly updates on the community forum
Event Manager - We are looking for people who are active on creating large and small tournaments with the following criteria:
  • Previous knowledge on creating or managing small or large tournaments
  • Knowledge on online tournaments
  • Can work with team membmers
  • Have management skills to coordinate with teams, shoutcaster, and event streams
Host - Do you have a pleasing personality and able to host small talks or shows? Then check if you have the qualifications provided below:
  • Pleasing personality, as looks comes last so we prefer a person who is nice inside
  • Able to do Twitch and Weekly YouTube shows
  • Must have knowledge on gaming in general
  • Able to commit on shows and recordings
  • Team player
Producer and Editor - If you are knowledgeable on operating cameras, soundboard and social media settings you can apply to us.
  • Familiar with Twitch or YouTube dashboard
  • Keen sense for checking active errors such as audio and visual problems
  • Familiar on operating cameras and soundboards is a plus
Facebook Group Moderators - If you are an active social media user or keyboard warrior, you may check all the groups we manage here:
  • Must be active on the group you are applying for
  • Active on reporting post to admin for violation check
  • Must be a level 20 Discord user on our server (this is required)
  • A team player that can coordinate and communicate with other moderators
For all interested applicants you may email us at [email protected] or directly message our resident admin on our Discord Server

Note: We are a community based team so majority of our careers are non-paid or voluntary.


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Jan 29, 2018
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Also, if possible, may I have the Discord tag for the resident admin from the server? I don’t think I can join the server as I’ve left it a couple of times feelsbadman