PinoyGamer Managed or Partnered Group Terms and Condition

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    PinoyGamer Managed/Partnered Group Terms and Condition
    1. To get approved members must be a Filipino with decent photo and name otherwise user will not be accepted and may result in permanent ban​
    2. Profile photos should not contain obscene or racist implications.
    3. Group post should not contain off topic or unrelated to the current group
    4. Group post containing referral links and or advertisement are not allowed unless permitted by admin. (contact [email protected])
    5. Group post directing to other none partnered groups or chat servers will be removed and may result to permanent ban if abused. Ex. FB Page, Groups or Discord Server
    6. Duplicate post will be removed once moderated abusing this might get your account permanently banned on the group.
    7. Bumping post may result on account being permanently banned.
    8. Abusive and offensive post directed to fellow members will not be tolerated resulting on account being permanently banned.
    9. Intentional trolling that does not result on productive conversation will result of your account being permanently removed from the group of offense. Will monitor your account once flagged with at least 3 penalty strikes.
    10. Up voting will result on commenting being turned off, 3 strikes will result to account ban.
    11. Anyone caught in violation of the rules will receive an initial penalty warning, Any further altercation will result us from taking action.
    12. Admins and moderators reserve the right to uphold the terms and conditions given the circumstances mention and not mention above.
    To report for terms and conditions violations we suggest you private message our community account “PG PH”, a screenshot evidence should be send along with the reason of complaint. Your anonymity will be respected once a report is placed.

    PinoyGamer Managed/Partnered Group Moderator Requirement
    1. Applicants must be active on the parent group
    2. Applicants must be online on Discord channel most of the time
    3. You must have a great knowledge and influence on the group you wish to be a moderator; ergo you must basically own the game
    4. You can be a moderator of multiple partnered groups as long as approved and is deemed worthy.
    5. To apply simple message “PG PH” with description why you want to moderate
    6. Applications will be approved prior to the review.
    If you have comments, suggestions, questions or opinions kindly PM your concern to any admin and we will get back to you as soon as we can, rather than posting it in public.

    For all official accounts visit this page:
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