PinoyGamer - Nixy#3457 - Server Ban Appeal


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Jun 30, 2020
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I joined back in July of 2017, got overwhelmed by the number of people who DMed me right after (offering requests of varying nature). I left shortly after. I rejoined in August of 2017 but a few minutes after I was back, someone called out my real name, and that freaked me out a bit so I left again.

But now I am trying to reconnect with the few friends I did manage to make, albeit behind the scenes. I am not as sensitive about my name anymore but at the time I extremely was. I just really found it improper.

I hope that this sheds more light on why I had multiple joins/leave. (I would also like to request, if at all possible, that the screenshot I will be posting after this message, be deleted, as well as the actual message with my name in the discord server.)

Many thanks in advance.