Pixel Remaster Series For Final Fantasy Is Coming To Steam And Mobile Platforms

The first six original games from the Final Fantasy franchise, Final Fantasy I to Final Fantasy VI, is coming soon to PC via Steam, Android, and iOS devices as the ultimate 2D pixel remasters.


During Square Enix's E3 event, the video game company announced the Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster series for the game's first three 8-bit games, Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy II, and Final Fantasy III, and its 16-bit successors, Final Fantasy IV, Final Fantasy V, and Final Fantasy VI. Although no release date has been revealed yet, the games will be rereleased separately and will allow long-time fans to relive some of their favorite RPGs in a way that faithfully recreates the essence of the original games.

Square Enix also stated in a tweet that the games will be receiving a "pixel-perfect makeover." Players can expect that these remastered games will be improved versions, and although they've already had ports and remakes, these are looking to preserve the original visual style and graphics in contrast to 3D remasters. It also looks like that this series is looking to do justice for Final Fantasy V and Final Fantasy VI who were done wrong by its recent major ports, which replaced the original graphics with fuzzy, flat visuals.

Here is an overview of the upcoming games as part of the series via Square Enix's official website.


This is the ironically named game that started it all. You take control of the Warriors of Light, off on a journey to defeat four fiends and restore peace to the world.

So many of the elements of the series that we’ve come to know and love make their debut right here in this very first entry: a massive world full of mystery, some iconic monster designs and that incredible music.


The second game in the series introduces a new world, new characters and something that would become a trademark of the series: innovation.

The story focuses on the conflict between the hostile Empire of Palamecia and the rebel resistance. A small group of heroes is all that stands between the world and ruin.

FINAL FANTASY II demonstrates the developers’ willingness to push their boundaries and try new things. For example, rather than sticking to the predictable, the game features a proficiency system in which characters skill with weapons and abilities increase the more they used them.

Fun fact: this is the FINAL FANTASY game that introduced the world to chocobos! Now that’s a legacy.


When darkness falls and the land is robbed of light, four young heroes are chosen by the crystals to head off an exciting journey across a vast and hostile land.

This critically-acclaimed entry in the series innovated with a flexible job system, which lets characters change their roles in combat at any time. Many of the most famous elements of FINAL FANTASY started here too - for example, it was the first to introduce summons, including series mainstays Bahamut and Shiva!


FINAL FANTASY IV delivers one of the richest and most powerful stories in the series. It’s filled with characters and scenarios that fans continue to love to this day.

It focuses on the dark knight Cecil, who finds himself stripped of his position and rank when he questions his king’s increasingly troubling orders. When he’s sent on a simple delivery mission with his friend Kain, the shocking events that follow send him and a group of allies on an incredible journey of betrayal, love and redemption.

This is the first game to feature the Active Time Battle (ATB) system, which combines turn-based and real-time elements to create fast-paced and strategic combat.


The world of FINAL FANTASY V is on the verge of destruction because the elemental crystals that bring life and prosperity to the lands have lost their power.

The only hope lies in four heroes: Bartz, Princess Lenna of Castle Tycoon, pirate Faris and the mysterious Galuf. Driven together by fate, they set off on a quest that to save the planet itself.

As well as refining the ATB system, FINAL FANTASY V expands your strategic options massively through a greatly expanded job system, which let you customize your characters with 22 different jobs.


FINAL FANTASY VI is a game that’s beloved by fans and critics alike.

That’s partly thanks to its incredible setting and story. It’s set in a land where magic has disappeared, and humanity has instead turned to iron, gunpowder, steam and other technology.

Actually, it would be more accurate to say that magic is mostly gone - a young woman enslaved by the evil Empire still has the power. When she encounters a powerful ancient being called an Esper, she sets off a chain of events that will have epic and terrible consequences.

There hasn't been much information shared about this series yet, so fans will have to wait for further announcements from Square Enix. But we do know that it will be available on Steam, Android, iOS, and will hopefully come to consoles as well. To stay up to date with news, follow the Final Fantasy team's social media handles on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.