Plan8: An Exosuit MMO Shooter from Pearl Abyss

To our beloved shooter players out there!

If you have read my recent post about Pearl Abyss about releasing Plan 8. They have mentioned in G-Star 2019 (held in Busan, South Korea), that Plan 8 will be first released on PC and console and this will be the first-ever shooter title for Pearl Abyss!

Plan8, it's infinity (like Moebius loop), but yeah we call it Plan 'eight', is an open world action-packed, exosuit MMO shooter.

Technical advisor Minh Le and lead producer, Lee Seung Ki presented the trailer of Plan8.

Lee Seung Ki mentioned that there are two aspects of this game. He said that they've aspired to develop a boundless open world and a great worldview in Plan8. They are also creating an interesting story in the world of Plan8. The last aspect is its features; combining MMORPG development and combat-driven styles of play to develop an entirely new game for Plan8. Making the game difficult to define into a single genre such as a shooter game.

Minh Le, mentioned that this game is an exosuit MMO shooter, meaning to say that players will be able to have gears that they can customize, build, and use and these gears will be able to give them amazing abilities. This will open up some amazing gameplay that has never been seen in any game.

What do you think about this game? Are you excited as well? I bet you do!

Lee Seung Ki also said that they will be releasing some hints about how they come up with the title of this game, so watch out for more updates!