Plant Vs Zombie Returns For Its 3rd Installment in the Philippines

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    Armed yourself with your best plant and defend your town against the waves upon waves of hungry zombies because PopCap games finally “soft-launched” the third installment of their popular garden defense game Plant Vs Zombie for Android and iOS.


    It took almost 7 years for PopCap to create a follow-up after the release of Plant Vs Zombie 2 in 2013. But the wait is all worth it because this classic lane defense strategy starring the adorable zombie-killing plants is back with new and exciting features. According to Bruce Maclean, executive producer of PopCap Games, PVZ3 will be adding new elements like social play, faster combat and deep synergies for the plant to allow the players to have a brand new experience of the game. Players can now join together in defending their garden or go head to head in the arena to see who is the best zombie killer among them.


    Maclean also said that there are new and multiple options for players to enjoy also with regards to their sun production which is originally done via the Sunflower Plant. Now, players are not required anymore to continuously plant Sunflower to keep their defense stronger. In addition to this, PVZ 3 will be played now portrait mode as compared to its previous version which is all done in landscape format. And of course, all the zombies and plans in this new installment are all rendered in 3D graphics so you can see them all in detailed action.

    PVZ 3’s soft launch was meant to acquire more suggestions and feedback from players to further improve the game before its final official launch. Stay tune for more updates regarding Plant Vs Zombie and keep those zombies away from your garden!
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