Plarium has reached the the $3 Billion milestone in user spending!

Mobile analyst AppMagic reveals that the developer of RAID: Shadow Legends, Plarium, has reached a $3 Billion USD mark in user spending with the mobile RPG at the forefront of this milestone.

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According to the reports, it was noted that RAID: Shadow Legends has the biggest revenue contribution in the $3 Billion USD user spending, reaching 57%. The game was followed by Vikings: War of Clans with 24%, and Mech Arena with 4%.

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Previously, it was Vikings: War of Clans that was raking in the highest amount of user spending for Plarium, however, when RAID: Shadow Legends was launched, the game’s revenue continued to decline as the years went by. The game recorded $74.8 million in revenue but in 2018 to 2019, it dropped down to $58.5 million.

Even though RAID: Shadow Legends has been proven to be much more profitable for the developers, Plarium is still committed to keeping Vikings: War of Clans running, as evident by the continuous update they are releasing.

It was also noted in the report that most of Plarium’s user spending came from the USA at 53%, Germany at 7%, and the UK at 5%. For the store pages, it was revealed that Google Play has the most expenditure, taking up 61% while Apple App Store held 39% in the revenue contribution.

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In terms of downloads, India is the leading market for Plarium game downloads. In the download statistics, it was shown that RAID: Shadow Legends was leading with a total of 73.7 million installs, followed by Mech Arena with 45.9 million installs then Vikings: War of Clans with 35.9 million.

Plarium’s sustained investment in game development and strategic market targeting was what helped them in securing a great amount of user spending. It was also what allowed them to have a significant presence in the gaming industry. With this, it will be exciting how Plarium will shape their future in the video gaming industry.


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