PlatinumGames Explains Real Reason Behind The Kickstarter Project For Wonderful 101: Remastered

Originally released before on Nintendo Wii U, Wonderful 101 is a superhero themed action game that holds a potential in becoming a hit under the helm of famed video game designer Hideki Kamiya (whose works includes Viewtiful Joe, Bayonetta and Devil May Cry). However, it doesn’t made its way into its much deserved spotlight during its early days in Wii.

Now with the announcement of Wonderful 101 Remastered to be launched by PlatinumGame on the month of May this year, many found themselves in mix reactions from excitement to confusion especially on the part that the game has also started a Kickstarter Campaign despite the fact that it will be releasing soon.

In an interview done by Gematsu during PAX East 2020 together with the designer Hideki Kamiya and PlatinumGames studio head Atsushi Inaba, a lot of clarifications were made regarding the anticipated super hero video games as well as big surprises that teases fans and non-fans alike. Here are the breakdowns and highlights of the said interview.


According to Inaba, the Kickstarter “was not for funding at all,it was more about gauging interest in Wonderful 101.” The crowdfunding campaign as he emphasize is meant to bring the fans of the game together and reviving Wonderful 101 which for PlatinumGames is one of the largest game they made both in volume and content.

Inaba clarified that all the money they can get from the campaign will be used for the production of goods of the game which will serve as rewards for those who will support the game. These includes Digital Version of the game, Double Pack, Merchandise, Digital Comics, Downloadable Soundtracks and a whole lot more. Base from their Stretch Goals, additional content will also be added for the remastered version of the game.


Although co-owned with Nintendo, Inaba was happy that Wonderful 101 was given the go signal to be released not just in Nintendo Switch but will have its PS4 and Steam Version. Both Inaba and Kamiya were surprised that Nintendo allows it to happen as they quoted that “it usually not something that is allowed in the game industry”. Nonetheless having Wonderful 101 in different platforms wil lbe a good opportunity for the game itself. The only bad news however is the there will be no Xbox One version for Wonderful 101 despite that last year they announced that it is one of their goals. Kamiya said that “the original engine for the game and the engine of Xbox One is very different and it’s not easy to port like the other system.” He further stated that it is not impossible to do but knowing that PlatinumGame is an independent game developer, it is still can’t afford yet to do it.


Kamiya felt that there is nothing to be added in terms of characters or extra levels which might cause imbalance in the game if ever happened. However, in the remastered version of Wonderful 101, some issues encountered in Wii will be resolved such as the user-friendly features, playability and player directives.

He also added that because previously in Wii Wonderful 101 were played in two screens, there will be some adjustment to be done for other platforms such as utilizing a picture-in-picture design options for players to adjust the screen. Moreover, players will be using a joystick instead of the Gamepad in drawing shapes which is an essential part of the Wonderuful 101’s gameplay. More or less Kamiya simply stated that he wanted Wonderful 101 to be more modernized and detailed for the players to have more enjoyable experience.


Wonderful 101 has already reach its $1.75 Million Stretch Goals which is a Remix of the Soundtrack of the game with a secrete special guest. Also a Social Media Challenge called Defense of Blossom City is still on going which aims to reach 93 pieces of fan art to be posted in Twitter with the hashtags #Allfor101 and #fanart to unlock more rewards for those who will buy the game. Join the fray with the colorful heroes of Wonderful 101 on its official release on May 19 in North America and May 22 on Europe.
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