Play Honkai Impact 3 on PC with NoxPlayer


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Apr 26, 2020
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Honkai impact 3 is a successful blend of RPG and third-person action game with a fascinating storyline.

Honkai, a mysterious force that annihilated human civilization on several occasions, has re-emerged and is threatening world peace. As the Captain of the Hyperion, you must lead a myriad of female warriors called Valkyries into battle against zombies and Honkai beasts in various locales around the world. Experience the Valkyries unique personalities and abilities, and make use of spectacular combos to defeat the invaders.

Honkai impact 3 gives players a vibrant Anime visuals, smooth control and gameplay, and console level graphics and actions.

Tips and tricks

Even after upgrading your characters to the best they can be, In Honkai Impact 3, winning battles takes some skills and patience, and also a better understanding of the combat system. Here are some tips that can help.

1.Play on PC with NoxPlayer

With console and PC level graphics and gameplay, playing it on your PC is more fun and enjoyable, and grants you a massive advantage during battle and faster level up in the game as a result; thanks to a bigger screen and comfortable keyboard and mouse controls. You can download it on your PC with NoxPlayer Emulator. NoxPlayer also supports gamepad controller for a furthermore enhanced experience.

To get your first impression of Hankai Impact 3 on PC, install NoxPlayer, sign in your Google account, then search and install Hankai Impact 3 from Google Play or App Center. Or you can download the apk file from any apk-site, and drag and drop the file in NoxPlayer; it will install automatically. Set the controls like below. Then you can enjoy!

2. More Tips
  • Know your enemy
In Honkai Impact 3rd there are three types of heroes and enemies, with each type being strong or weak against another. In the case of Honkai, Mecha types are strong against Creature types, Creature types are strong against Psychic types, and Psychic-types are strong against Mecha types.

In the heat of a battle, it might be hard to recognize enemies by type at first, but if you pay close attention, each enemy has a distinct color scheme that tells you their type. Use that to your advantage to make sure you’re using the right Valkyries against the right foes.
  • Master The Evasive Maneuvers
One of the unique things about Honkai Impact 3rd is the ability to evade. While it is indeed not a new concept, evasion in this game works a little differently. You won’t button mash to dash around the map. You will need to wait for the right moment to evade. Wait until you see a faint flash on the screen, then press the evade button to dodge the incoming attack. Executing this successfully will allow you to follow up with a counter attack quickly.
  • Save Your Ultimate Move

The battle system mostly involves executing combos by mashing the large attack button. Doing this will charge up your ultimate move. Once fully charged, you can unleash a powerful attack. While you are free to use your ultimate at any point when it is charged, it is best if you save it until you encounter a boss. You won’t always have enough time to charge up another ultimate, so you should keep that ace in your sleeve until it is necessary.
  • Leader and Friends

Once you have unlocked at least two characters, you will start going to battle as a team of one leader and her friends. Each Valkyrie has its own leader skill and the skill of the leader impact the whole team. So you have to choose the leader wisely. Friends are for supporting the leader in battle. Choosing two friends as support for your attacks will earn you an extra bonus, and high-level friend gives you more advantage.