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    Blizzard doesn’t do a very good job of advertising that fact—and the poorly-titled SCII Starter Edition can be very confusing—but right now, anyone can download a copy of the game and play unlimited custom multiplayer without any restrictions. The only multiplayer mode you can’t access with the Starter Edition is the ranked ladder, where top players battle for placement in various leagues and divisions. In custom, though, you can play whatever you’d like. (The Starter Edition also comes with the first five missions of the Terran campaign.)

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    So when people suggest that StarCraft II should be free-to-play like some of its biggest competitors, Blizzard bristles. It is already. Kinda.

    “It’s so interesting to me how Starter Edition isn’t as well-known as we would like it to be,” said StarCraft II lead producer Tim Morten during an interview at E3 earlier this month. “Because we look at everything that’s in there—full multiplayer, through custom games, you can get all the Heart of the Swarm units and play, in custom, today, for free. So few people know that that’s there. It’s a message that I would love to get out — that a big chunk of Starcraft actually is free.”

    Message delivered, Tim!

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