Play the Story Mode in the Beginning of FIFA 19


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Apr 19, 2019
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In our FIFA 19's survey, we talk about The Journey and how it's an engaging and drawing in mode in its own right, yet it additionally has benefits for those hoping to reinforce their Ultimate Team at an opportune time.

At the finish of every one of The Journey's parts, you're granted new cards to use in Ultimate Team, including a few headliners who assume supporting jobs in the story. In the end, you'll likewise be granted Alex Hunter, a player who ought to be evaluated substantially more very than your underlying program of players — in our game, he was appraised as a 82, making him a fine player to assemble an establishment around. Seeker's companion Danny Williams and his granddad Jim Hunter will be opened, too.

Complete Your Objectives

Both day by day and week after week goals are accessible in Ultimate Team, offering you additional coins and every so often cards for finishing basic exercises. A portion of these take just a couple of moments, requiring straightforward undertakings, for example, arranging your squad individuals in specific positions or coordinating players with great science. In the wake of finishing the targets, you're allowed to put them back anyway you like.

The rewards you get may appear to be minor at first, yet they can be urgent to keeping up your group after a few amusements. Some win you consumable things, for example, contract and wellness cards that can keep your stars in a game longer. Without them, you'll be compelled to evacuate players some time before the finish of a match. Buy cheap FIFA 20 Coins on, once EA releases FIFA 20, you can get the FIFA Coins quickly, then you can get the players you want first, enjoy your game!