Play2Earn Games to farm NFT for Mobile Devices (Android and iOS)

The blockchain gaming business is tapping into a whole new market with a lot of promise as more developers make such games available for mobile players. Compared to desktop PCs, more individuals own and utilize smartphones on a daily basis. People in certain nations own several mobile devices, giving them a potential target audience for play2earn blockchain games that can keep gamers engaged for longer periods of time.

Play2earn games, which are part of the rapidly growing GameFi sector, are gaining popularity throughout the world. Allowing users to manage their in-game assets opens up a slew of new income possibilities. The number of such games is quickly growing, with the majority of them being compatible with both desktop computers and mobile devices. A number of these games are currently in production, while others have released public alpha and beta versions.


Axie Infinity
In the Philippines, it is one of the most popular play2earn games. Players from all around the world are now playing this game to make money after quitting their full-time jobs. In either PvE or PvP mode, the game's focus is on gathering, growing, and battling creatures. Axie Infinity Shards (AXS) and Smooth Love Potions are the two types of prizes available to players (SLP). In the Axie Infinity universe, both assets and monsters may be traded on the built-in marketplace. Before they may engage in any battles, players must have at least three Axies. Those who are new to the game and do not have enough money to purchase Axies can apply for an Axie Infinity scholarship.


Reward Hunters
Reward Hunters is a new play2earn game for iOS and Android that includes a battle royale mode, an open world, a medieval backdrop, and several avatars. Players can compete in one-on-one combat or in an eight-player game in which the last player standing wins. In the future, this Battle Royale MMORPG will incorporate betting events and weekly championships, among other things. To join, users must first get the RHT token, which entitles them to Binance Coin (BNB) incentives.


Farmers World
Farmers World is a great name for a play2earn game. Players will farm utilizing a variety of equipment, materials, and lands to construct and harvest farms. The game, which is based on the WAX blockchain, has experienced a lot of recent growth. To participate in Farmers World, users must own a specific NFT. In addition, while waiting for their harvest to finish, players may earn prizes by battling other farmers.


Monsta Infinite
Monsta Infinite is one of several monster-themed games with a strong chance of becoming one of the most popular play2earn games in the Philippines and beyond. To engage in fights, players must get three Montas from the marketplace. In the game, each Monsta has six card talents, two attack cards, and two defensive cards.


It was just a matter of time until meme NFTs influenced play2earn games. Binemon mixes many aspects into one realm, including collectibles, gacha, RPG, and adventure. Players may create a pet army to fight in either a PvE or PvP setting. Ambrosia is one of three in-game currencies that players may obtain. DRK, one of the native currencies, may be used to purchase Mons on the marketplace.


MoonLabs, the team behind Devikins, has a player-first mindset, which is critical. Players may acquire characters and breed new ones in Devikins' ever-expanding universe to make their roster more robust and flexible. The turn-based RPG has a Tamagotchi aspect with a JRPG fighting system. Players may also use Devicoin to purchase and sell characters on the built-in marketplace (DVK).


Plant vs Undead
Plants vs. Undead's fundamental gameplay will be familiar to anybody who has played Plants vs. Zombies. Players may own plants as NFTs in this multiplayer tower defense game. Plant Vs. Undead is a free-to-play mobile game with a pay-to-win system. Plant vs. Undead has grown in popularity in Brazil due to the fact that it allows users to win prizes without having to pay any money.


MOBOX is a play2earn platform that pays players for their participation. MOMO Farmer, Token Master, Trade Action, and a number of other games are available under the MOBOX brand. MOBOX effectively integrates gaming, NFTs, and DeFi principles into an engaging environment in which players may devise ways to maximize their yield and obtain unique NFTs. MOBOX includes an in-game marketplace where players may buy, sell, and trade in-game products, similar to other play2earn games.


It's always a challenge to combine many elements into one game. Realm is the ultimate Realm, with AR portals that allow users to travel to an unlimited number of micro verses. Realm is a mixed-reality NFT game that allows players to discover rare NFTs and REALM tokens in the quest to conquer the worlds. In addition, depending on whatever realm they visit, players may acquire and breed 3D interactive pets that can evolve. New kingdoms can be created, and royalty rights can be divided.


Crypto Shooter
Despite the fact that there are other games with the title Crypto Shooter, the one on our list is mobile-friendly. By matching and popping bubbles, players may help Sparky save his baby sparrows. To accomplish new tasks, players can travel across five maps and 100 levels. Additionally, players may earn the SparkPoint token, which can be used to purchase boosters that will help them burst bubbles quicker. Although the game is completely free to play, users will be bombarded with ads.

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