#PlayApartTogether: WHO teams up with Big Video Games companies to Fight COVID - 19.

In light of the global outbreak done by the COVID - 19 that affects hundreds of countries with over a million recorded cases around the globe, the World Health Organization (WHO) joins forces with major video game companies in launching the campaign #PlayApartTogether.

A total of 18 leading game developers and industries such as Blizzard, Riot Games, Twitch, Zynga and Unity are now disseminating key information from WHO to help people understand what are the thing-to-do to become safe from COVID - 19. This includes practicing hand hygiene, physical or social distancing and respiratory etiquette.

To further encourage gamers to participate in the said campaign, tons of in-game events, rewards, and prizes are now being launched to and fro by video game companies. One can even observe that a lot of games are now can be downloaded for free in some other site and others even go for a big sale for different gaming platforms.

WHO previously dubbed video games as a cause of a disease called 'gaming disorder' that can negatively affect people both in the emotional and psychological aspects of their lives. The campaign #PlayApartTogether might be unusual coming from WHO itself but at times like this, all the necessary help is needed to combat the effects of COVID - 19 which is now dubbed as a pandemic that kills thousands of people already from different regions of the world

So let's be safe for now, observe key guidelines and stay indoors while enjoying more games. Here's hoping that the COVID -19 outbreak will soon be over.