Playerunknown's Battlegrounds Adding Player-Controlled Zombies

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    The developer of the game Battle Royale announced on Twitter on a new optimization of the game for an upcoming zombie mode. The player-controlled zombies will be in a new mode and not a part of the base game, according to the dev. There’s no ETA yet for the mode, Earlier this week we learned that the game would also be coming to the Xbox One X​


    From this first glimpse, this is a great way for the game to differentiate itself from other survival zombies games, most notably DayZ and H1Z1. Battlegrounds already wears its influence from those games on its sleeves, so it'll be interesting to see how it builds on those earlier games.

    The mode's still a ways away from release, however, as Bluehole remains focused on improving optimization first and foremost. Moreover, this will not affect the main game, but rather it'll be an additional mode. The developer hasn't stated a release date yet.

    source via Twitter
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