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    Online videogame portal, Playpark Philippines, recently announced the opening of its Philippine servers for the World in Audition (WiA) Closed Beta Phase, this May 8, 2015.

    WiA is the the highly-anticipated sequel to the popular casual online game Audition Dance Battle.

    Developed by Hanbitsoft, a Korean computer game publishing and development company, WiA is a rhythm-based, casual online game with social networking components.

    In World in Audition’s Closed Beta, Philippine gamers can be the first to experience the Star Training Academy and gain access to the new features like the Workshop, where they can design player lobbies and rooms to play with their friends.

    The new Fairy Garden feature will allow players to grow and take care of pet plants with the support of a Fairy.

    In keeping with its hip and cool vibe, World in Audition also features the WIA Smartphone, its new messaging system.

    World in Audition still has the features that made Audition Dance Battle so popular, with loads of new gameplay content that adds a new dimension to the online rhythm game. A newly established ladder ranking system has been installed to appeal to a more competitively-inclined player segment. New dance modes like Bling Holing Mode and Shooting Star Mode utilize songs and fashion from the latest K-Pop trends.

    “Audition players have been anticipating World in Audition for quite some time now, and we’re happy to say it’s worth the wait,” said Jake San Diego, General Manager of Playpark Philippines in a statement.

    “There’s lots of new content to discover in this sequel, and we’d like everyone to experience the game when Closed Beta arrives this May. It’s going to be competitive, colorful, and lots of fun.”

    World In Audition is a free-to-play 3D Massively Multiplayer Online Game developed by Hanbitsoft and is published by Asiasoft in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines (through Playpark Inc.).

    For latest news and updates, follow the official WiA PH fanpage at

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