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    Sony has now revealed its most powerful console which is called PlayStation 4 Pro. The official release of the console will be on November 10,2016 that will cost around $400. The console will complement the standard PS4 and sit alongside it. The name was picked to show that it is part of the current version of the console, but aimed at the higher-end gamers. It is not an entirely new architecture and thus not a new generation of PlayStation hardware.


    The full specs of the PS4 Pro can be found below:

    • Main processor: Custom-chip single Processor
      • CPU: x86-64 AMD "Jaguar," 8 cores
      • GPU: 4.20 TFLOPS, AMD Radeon™ based graphics engine
    • Memory: GDDR5 8GB
    • Storage size: 1TB
    • External dimensions: Approx. 295×55×327 mm (width × height × length) (excludes largest projection)
    • Mass: Approx. 3.3 kg
    • BD/DVD Drive: BD × 6 CAV, DVD × 8 CAV
    • Input/Output: Super-Speed USB (USB 3.1 Gen.1) port × 3, AUX port × 1
    • Networking: Ethernet (10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX, 1000BASE-T)×1, IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, Bluetooth® 4.0 (LE)
    • Power: AC 100V, 50/60Hz
    • Power consumption: Max. 310W
    • Operating temp: 5ºC – 35ºC
    • AV Output: HDMI out port (supports 4K/HDR) DIGITAL OUT (OPTICAL) port

    source via gamespot

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