PLDT Fiber Firewall Error workaround

Discussion in 'LoL PH - League of Legends' started by KaiSee, Feb 9, 2019.

  1. KaiSee

    KaiSee Regular Gamer

    pon experiencing multiple leaves due to unnecessary Firewall problem [common] with PLDT Fibr. I have researched and troubleshooted it by myself and thus found a workaround for it.

    I am a Net Engineer by profession and from my theory I see this type of incident as a DDoS attack for certain IP addresses that is causing a user to fall out of connection through the server.

    1 possible solution or workaround I would suggest and it worked for me.

    If you are knowledgeable with MAC Address cloning, you can do it by yourself with your router [not all routers can do this].

    Hope this helps out a lot of PLDT Fibr users.

    *If you're not familiar to set it up, Google is a best way to look for your specific router and do a MAC Address Cloning

    **This is not a permanent solution but a workaround, I'd rather have Garena look into this more with PLDT and suggest a possible fix for it
  2. JhunGonzales

    JhunGonzales Newbie Gamer

    PLDC's internet has once again slowed down seriously. Dati kahit tatlo mag wifi okay lang eh di parin ganun ka lag tapos naging dalawa nalang pwede mag internet, tapos ngayon this new patch kahit isa lang mag wifi na didisconnect agad laging attempting to reconnection bawat oras na may isang mag wifi kahit video ba na 5-10 s na kaka pag disconnect. So please tuunan niyo itong issue na ito sobrang hirap mag laro na biglang dc.
  3. Derba

    Derba Hardcore Gamer

    Ultera sarap! so I've been disconnecting for about a week, and it's so stupid kasi nakalagay sa match history ko win, pero bawas lp kasi nadidisconnect ako every ing game. Nakakapag net naman ako so, why? I already reported sa ultera dept. so dito naman. Please lang po, paaction na Sabi ng kasama ko mag coconduct na daw po ng maintenance, sure po ba un?
  4. Halbay

    Halbay Regular Gamer

    PLDT fibr user; Help, I get random instances of "attempting to connect" while in game, I already lose games because of it.

    1.) My ping doesn't go up/ go down it's always 8ms.
    2.) I tried ipconfig /flushdns, still the same.
    3.) Already disabled the IP6.
    4.) I get radom lag.
  5. RheinMori

    RheinMori Casual Gamer

    Same problems here. PLDT Fibr subscriber, too.

    "Attempting to Reconnect" problem happens randomly during matches, maybe around 1 in 10 games.
    Tried exiting the game and re-entering, the problem persists. I just wait for a few hours until I can play without interruptions.

    Not a big problem, but I just don't like getting penalized for leaving when it's not my fault.
  6. JmUv

    JmUv Casual Gamer

    im a homebro ultera subscriber....

    ganyan din sa akin ako lang naman konekted sa wifi

    wala namang prob sa in game ping at fps...

    every 23sec or 1 min. nag lalag delay!!

    tapos nag ping ako sa cmd ng -t

    may lines na request time out which is during the game ung din ang timee na nag lalag .... galit ba pldt sa lol???
  7. LeeVhen

    LeeVhen Regular Gamer

    Same problem. When I ping it seems to be very stable but in-game it's stuttering. I tested if it is due to my connection by playing other games, but the problem seems to happen in league of legends only. PLDT Ultera Subscriber too. Dasma Cavite.
  8. MervinTalosig

    MervinTalosig Newbie Gamer

    Ganito rin po yung problem ko... Ang akala ko po nung una, dahil mabagal talaga yung PLDT Home FIBR namin kahit kaonti lang naman kaming nakaconnect. Pero nung ako nalang ang nakaconnect, ganon parin po. Nag check ako sa forums and nakita ko ito. Im always stuck at 8-9ms. I disabled IP6 and im using IP4.
  9. FritzIdle

    FritzIdle Regular Gamer

    Pls help me. after champ select in any gamemode, my loading screen will be black and after a few seconds it will say Cant connect to server. Pls check your network connection. this has been happening since monday and nothings happening reppaired 4 times, reinstalled nothing still. pls help plssssssss restarted my internet, nothing happenned plsss helpppppppp and pls reply naman
  10. Vincis

    Vincis Regular Gamer

    Ganyan din po samin help poo.
  11. Vincis

    Vincis Regular Gamer

    Problema lagi PLDT eh!!! Nakakainis
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