Pocket Guide for Fennik


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Oct 9, 2018
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Fennik has earned his place as a 'Finisher', further cementing the idea that he's ill-suited to taking on a lead attacker role. Perfectly suited to rolling into battle to finish the job, Fennik is best utilised as a Jungler ready to come and go “like a fox”.

Start by picking up Thief's Mark at the start of match. Grab Rolling Lightning at Level 2 and prioritize both Chain Hammer Cyclone and Thief's Mark above upgrading Rolling Lightning any further.

Fennik strongest point is his ability 1 Thief’s Mark and its ability to take down towers with it. He is also among the fastest to clear out jungle.

Rolling Thunder enjoys auto-aiming onto a nearby enemy. Make sure you aim it away from danger if using it as an escape route.

You can angle Rolling Thunder across a lane to create a tripwire of lightning, enemies might not want to step through.

If you know a charged Thief's Mark will kill your target, walk away and let it do its work. You have other things to do.

You can use Chain Hammer Cyclone as a getaway tool thanks to its slowdown effect.

Rolling through your own Cyclone can double the time an enemy caught stays within its effect.

Rolling Thunder is best used as a mobility tool. Try to keep it available just incase.

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