Pocket Guide for Marja


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Oct 9, 2018
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Marja is a mage/tank hero who is able to cast her abilities without the worry of mana.
A smart Marja is a pain in the ass. Her sustain and Ult is perfect for solo lane.

Dark Pulse (A) is her primary damaging ability, the long range and 40 % slow also makes it her primary initiation and retreat ability.

Due to Shadow Leech, Marja should always hit as many enemies as possible when she casts her abilities in order to maximize her healing potential.

Marja should auto attack whenever she does not have abilities available. Basic attacks still provide a slow and, while less than when using her abilities, some health restoration.

Unless she’s at full health, Marja will always heal off of damage dealt – even if a green number doesn’t appear (they only appear when healing for 50 or more).

Marja actually heals more from minions than from heroes, so prioritize hitting them if you’re desperate for some HP.

Marja heals for a much higher amount when very low on health – one Dark Pulse and Soul Devourer on a minion wave can take you from critical to relatively healthy.

Use Ghostwalk to avoid enemy abilities.

Ghostwalk cannot be used when stunned.

Marja shines on DS lane, and fun fact she is currently a 100% pick/ban hero in Arena of Valor Taiwan League.

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