Pocket Guide for Violet

Guild of Guardians


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Oct 9, 2018
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Violet is a high mobility hero that excels at bursting and chasing low life targets. Her main damage comes from Tactical Fire. Her passive Reload enforces each basic attack reduces the cooldown of Tactical Fire by 0.5 seconds, so yes, auto attack resetting* is necessary. Violet is a versatile ADC with great mobility, incredible damage, and the ability to kite the enemies.

*Auto attack reset: Resets the auto attack timer by buffering an ability as soon as the auto attack animation comes out

Combo wombo:
Fire in the Hole → Basic Attack → Tactical fire → BA → Concussive round
Tactical fire → BA → Fire in the Hole → BA → Concussive round → BA → Tactical fire… (Repeat combo)
Fire in the Hole → BA → Concussive round → BA → Tactical fire

• You can use Tactical Fire first, while hiding in bush or out of vision.
• Feel free to use Concussive Rounds (Ultimate) to clear minions. Unless you know you are about to enter a teamfight in the next 10 second.
• Don't spam basic attack during a teamfight unless you know that you are going to be safe.
• Don't stand in the same position whenever you are in a teamfight. Kiting around is the way to fight.
• Tactical Fire can tumble between walls to escape or chase.
• Learn to aim Concussive Rounds, it's really easy to miss on a moving target if you just let it auto-cast.
• Keep your distance and take advantage of Tactical Fire during a teamfight.

One can replace fenrir’s tooth with muramasa depending upon your opponent. Also, if you have a mage as your opponent whom you are to face, then go for Gilded Greaves instead of War Boots. Builds are not permanent, as it can change according to the situation one is in.

For arcana one can also opt for 10x Atrocity, 5x Reave + 5x Assassinate, 10x Skewer.


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Oct 8, 2018
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Maganda ba yan laruin mukhang ok eh tnx pla sa info kung sakali mag lalaru aku yan mron na akung alam gamitin na hero

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