Pokémon Alternative - Monster Quest: Seven Sins Officially Launched As Our Newest Mobile Monster RPG Android 

There are a lot of gamers out there who grew up loving the concept of catching, training, and battling monsters. You already saw the title, so let me introduce it right away. Monster Quest: Seven Sins just officially launched last October 14 on both Android and iOS. Officially licensed and based on the Chinese cartoon, Aola Star, this gacha-style monster-collecting RPG will your trainer capability.

Monster Quest Seven Sins a.jpg

We can't deny that Pokémon will always be the center of this monster-collecting and training concept. But, we can't also deny how many titles have tried to use the same concept. Some of them succeeded for some time, but most of them didn't. Well, based on this game's initial reviews, I think it's doing great tho.

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Let's now dive into the game's details. First off, there are currently 100+ monsters that exist in the game for you to collect and raise. You can combine genes, talents, and abilities to upgrade your monsters' combat power. You can collect the monsters through the story or using the Augmented Reality (AR).

Monster Quest Seven Sins c.png

There are around 300 skills with 3D visual effects that you can use. And just like how we loved the thrill of Pokémon evolutions, Monster Quest has it too. But, what about the story right? Is it any fun at all? Well, let me give the background and it's for you to decide.

You are what the game calls “the legendary fated one" who will journey to Aurora to learn more about the Emperor’s Tome Shard and its power. Mainly, the shard has the power of creation and destruction that was sealed the Original Hero King. On your journey, you'll battle against Duster to save Aurora planet.

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Aside from the story adventures, there are various game modes for you to enjoy. It includes Arena (PVP), Tower of Paragon (PVE), Exorcism (AFK), and Dogfight (PVP). These dungeons and features are waiting for you to explore.

That's pretty much it for the game details. But I know you're still looking for that sweet word "reward" since the game is fresh. So without further ado, here are the rewards!

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The developers are giving 2 free SSR monsters in exchange for signing in and finishing a certain quest (Essar's Adventure). You saw them already from the game's poster so it's safe to assume that they're good. There's another reward called "QooApp Exclusive Launch Gifts" which contains Legendary Talent Essences, Power Spc. Stones, Advanced Yabi Balls, and Epic Rainbow Candies. But, it was part of the pre-registration event which means that it's already expired.

And there you have it! Before we end, let me say my thanks and one last important notice to everyone. I'm giving my thanks to uGameGlobal and uBeeJoy for the Monster Quest: Seven Sins game, the images, and videos that I've included here. As for the notice, it's a bit of sad news for iOS users once again, for the game is only available for Android for now.
Although an iOS version is sure to come soon, the exact date of when is not yet revealed. If you enjoyed the content and you're interested in the game, check out the link below and join the Monster Quest: Seven Sins discussion.