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Aug 4, 2018
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One night in pallet town, after months on the road, misty and brock were in ash's living room watching television, ash had gone to bed an hour earlier. Seemingly out of nowhere, brock mentioned how nice it was to not have to listen to ash snore for once.

Misty, who knew that when ash was snoring it meant he was either in deep sleep or dreaming.

Although, part of her was totally annoyed with the sound of his snore, yet there was a much bigger part of her was totally in love with ash and felt relieved when he started snoring.

However, she too, didn't hear ash snoring, and, although she was concerned, she wanted to hide her crush from brock, and managed to sound a little irritated when she told him that she was going to check on ash.

She glanced at brock, to try and ascertain whether or not this aroused in suspicion, to her relief it didn't, or at least didn't seem too.

She stood up, and started towards ash's bedroom, once she was there; she slowly turned the knob, and opened the door as quietly as she could.

When she opened the door she saw ash lying in bed lying on his back with his eyes closed, misty noticed that ash was also drooling slightly.

She smiled, and started walking over to him as quietly as she could, about halfway there she noticed his mouth had fallen open and he started breathing really loudly, which, misty knew from experience that ash was really close to snoring at that point.

She couldn't help but smile, when, not even two seconds ash started snoring although not loudly.

She then noticed the expression on his face became really serious, 'I will stop snoring, just don't dump me' she started walking again, and she didn't stop even when she noticed his mouth close as if he was trying not to snore.

Despite this, not even a second later his mouth fell open and he started snoring once again.

All of the sudden his expression changed to one of sadness as he tried in vain to once again stop snoring, which, surprisingly he did for about a second. However' despite his best effort he resumed snoring, but not loud at all which greatly concerned misty.

When she was at his side, she lifted up his hand and tenderly said, 'you should never be ashamed that you snore, as a matter of fact, I know you will find woman who loves everything about you, including the fact that you snore.

And I bet she will like your snore even more when she learns that you only snore when you are really deep in sleep or dreaming, and I wouldn't be surprised if she doesn't get concerned about you if she doesn't hear you start snoring after a certain amount of time has passed.

Heck, I would be surprised if she didn't try to ensure you were snoring.' sure enough, ash had started snoring, and louder than ever.

She had always known that he snored louder when he was dreaming, however; she had never heard him snore as loudly before so she was unsure where he was in terms of the depth of his sleep.

She knew, however; that he had to be in deep sleep or dreaming because his snore hadn't woken him up as it had on a few occasions in the recent past.

I wonder what he is dreaming about?' she said quietly.

As if answering the question, he mumbled, 'strawberry cabbage pure evil just like' he snored once, turned on his side, snored once more and mumbled 'swiss cheese.' he then yawned and continued snoring.

To this day, misty would tell people, he heard, and was answering her question. But, she knew he was just sleep talking.

Ash then started snoring again, although not as loudly which surprised her since when he was snoring louder than ever he was dreaming.

Thinking that it was the touch of someone he had positive feelings for that got him to fall into rem sleep, and into deep sleep, instead of light sleep, without moving, she glanced around the room, and noticed a stuffed panda, luckily it was within reach.

She grabbed it, and placed it in ash's hand after she moved her hand, sure enough, ash kept snoring and since he was snoring really loudly again she assumed that ash was dreaming once again. 'use thundershock'.And then salami' he mumbled, before turning on his back again.

As she was straightening up, she noticed the hand that was on the far side of his bed move and drop onto his stomach, his head dropped on his shoulder, and he began snoring again and the drool poured onto the bed from his chin like a waterfall. With that, she quietly exited the room.

A few hours later, when she was ready for bed, she entered the room, and layed down on the mattress next to ash and closed her eyes.

The next morning, she woke up and looked at ash who was still asleep, she noticed he was still on his back, and snoring, but, he had both hands on his stomach.

As she was getting up, she heard him yawn, and from the absence of snoring, thought he was awake, 'good morning' she said brightly, only to be cut off by continued snoring, which was rather rhythmic, which, misty knew meant that ash was either, waking up, or in transition to rem sleep.

She noticed he turned had turned on his stomach too, she waited for a few minutes to see if he was waking up, however; he just kept snoring, and flung his leg off the bed, and misty quietly left the side of the snoring ash, when she got to the door, she stared at ash, who had suddenly stopped snoring, and concerned for his health, walked back to his side.

She knelt down and noticed, that not only had he stopped snoring, his mouth was closed as well.

For as long as she could remember, even before he had started snoring, he had always been a mouth breather.

She whispered something in his ear, almost immediately his mouth opened, and he resumed snoring.

He, stretched, smacked his lips, and moaned, before he started snoring again. His snore was a little louder than it was when he was in deep sleep, however; it was not as loud as his rem sleep snoring.

Misty smiled and exited the room. She walked downstairs and into the kitchen thinking she was the first one awake, she was somewhat startled when she heard a voice ash, 'how did you sleep?' this question startled misty, however; she quickly calmed down once she realized who was talking.

She spun around, before answering, 'really well actually.' delilah smiled before saying, 'I'm glad, but, I am kind of surprised.

You were snoring a little louder than ash.

I have read that when a person is snoring, they aren't getting good quality sleep.' although she was a little embarrassed since she had heard snoring wasn't 'ladylike' but calmed down by knowledge that proved otherwise, smiled and replied, 'that is not always true.

In fact, as far as I know, that is never true.

I have learned that all people snore sometimes, as a matter of fact; there are some people, who only snore when they are getting good sleep.' she paused for a breath, taking note of delilah's concerned but still inquisitive look, 'I think ash is one of those people.'

Just as she finished she heard delilah breathe a sigh of relief.

She then asked "How can you be sure.?" misty smi

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