Pokemon Go Buddy System Guide

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    The new feature of Pokemon Go is called the Buddy System which allows you as a player to easily earn candy for a specific type of pokemon by just walking with them on their specific distance benchmark. For example is walking with snorlax with atleast 1 kilometer earns you 1 candy for him. This is one of useful feature of the game, why? because its hard to find candies on rare pokemons so by this new system it easily earns you candy.

    Aside from earning you candy; the Buddy System displays the Pokemon of your choice next to your trainer in the profile screen.​


    Pokemon Go's latest update added a new feature called the Buddy System, which is a background activity that earns you candy for your Pokemon. It's a handy new feature, but like other mechanics in the app, there are essential details you need to know about when using it. That's why we've created a detailed guide offering the basics on this new system as well as essential tips to follow.

    source via gamespot

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