Pokemon Go Buddy Update

Discussion in 'Pokemon' started by LockDown, Sep 14, 2016.

  1. LockDown


    A new update for Pokemon Go is starting to roll out, this update will allow you to choose a pokemon of your choice to be your buddy which can make them earn candies when you walk with them. In addition to the new Buddy feature, the update adds Pokemon Go Plus support. The wearable device releases next week.


    The update also fixes network reliability and minor text-related issues. Additionally, an issue where eggs would hatch without alerting you and playing the animation has been fixed. Players would notice their eggs had disappeared, while a new creature had popped up in their list, robbing them of the momentous occasion of a hatching Pokemon.

    source via gamespot
  2. george castro

    george castro
    Casual Gamer

    haha pokemon go di na ko nakkalaro nyan
  3. KianLaxus

    Casual Gamer

    Wala bang bagong mod nito?heheheh
  4. Shadow Bringer

    Shadow Bringer
    Casual Gamer
    Team: ᴱᵁᵀ

    Maganda po ba yung larong to? Kase ang nilalaro ko lang pong pokemon games ay yung pang gba eh
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