Pokemon Go Is Revamping Gyms And Might Add Legendaries

Pokemon Go might release Legendary creatures soon. In the upcoming weeks to come, also added a new feature Raid Battle that will allow you to team up with some friends simultaneously fight powerful Pokemon at Gyms. Those that take part in raids frequently and succeed more often than not will be invited to enter exclusive Raids that can yield legendary Pokemon.

Up to 20 people can take part in Raids, though you'll only be able to play one per day before you have to pay up. After you defeat a Raid Pokemon, you'll get a chance to catch it, along with the reward of a Golden Raspberry.

Gyms themselves are getting revamped, meanwhile. Pokemon you leave in Gyms now need to be periodically revisited and fed berries by you or your teammates in order to keep their motivation up. Let their motivation fall to 0 and they'll return to you, leaving the Gym vulnerable to attack.

source via Pokemon Website