Pokemon Go Not Canceled for Apple Watch

Apple Watch will not receive the Pokemon Go mobile application which was announced by Niantic, Some reports said that they ceased the development of Pokemon Go for the apple watch. The version of Pokemon Go for Apple Watch shown during Apple's iPhone reveal event in September was reportedly only an unfinished port. The plan was for Pokemon Go for Apple Watch to launch in 2016. There is no word on why Niantic reportedly decided to scrap its plans to bring Pokemon Go to the Apple Watch. The company hadn't responded to GameSpot's request for comment at press time.

The idea was for Apple Watch to display several pieces of information, including how far you need to walk to hatch eggs and how much more XP you need to get to the next level. It also shows nearby Pokemon, but if one of them appears, you would have needed to take your iPhone out to capture it.

In terms of what you could do on the Apple Watch itself, Niantic said players could collect items from PokeStops, see your earned medals, and watch your eggs hatch. Additionally, the app was going to keep track of your distance walked and calories burned.

source via gamespot