Pokemon Go Philippines rare location is false

Discussion in 'Pokemon' started by LockDown, Jul 22, 2016.

  1. LockDown


    To all Pokemon Go Fans out there I would like to inform you that the legendary Pokemon's are not yet catch able, they might only be found on Pokemon GO events or Special ocassions. Players all over the world posted a lot of Pokemon's they caught so far but still no Legendary birds can be found. Please be informed that going to Meralco will not get you Zapdos, Articuno on Baguio and Moltres on Mt. Volcano. Rarity varies from area to area and region to region.

    For all countries around the world the common Pokemon's appear everyday which you can catch around 20-30 per day, Canada is full of Drowzee's and Ratata's, US have a lot of Pidgeys.


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