Pokemon Legends Z-A was officially announced with a 2025 expected release

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A new entry into the Pokemon Legends game has been officially announced and it will be known under the title “Pokemon Legends Z-A”.

Pokemon Legends Z-A.jpg

During the Pokemon Presents, the announcement trailer for Pokemon Legends Z-A was released. The game was revealed to have a release window of 2025 for the Nintendo Switch.

Unfortunately, the trailer has not revealed much information about the game. However, it is certain that it will take place within Lumiose City of the Kalos region, which is the setting of Pokemon X and Y.

Pokemon Legends Z-A1.jpg

The above information was confirmed through the description of the trailer which reads, “A new adventure awaits within Lumiose City, where an urban redevelopment plan is under way to shape the city into a place that belongs to both people and Pokémon.”

Aside from the region, the trailer also showcased a feature of the game which is its digital world. This feature is vastly different from the usual naturalistic setting of Pokemon.

Pokemon Legends Z-A3.jpg

Pokemon Legends Z-A is the second title for the Legends series. The first is the Pokemon Legends: Arceus that was announced during the franchise’s 25th anniversary in 2021