Pokemon Started After a Massive War?


Sep 21, 2014
Every time I see this guy talk about video games, a little piece of me dies.
Over the years there have been tons of Pokémon Theories: Are Ditto failed attempts at cloning Mew? Has Ash been in a coma this whole time and that’s why he doesn’t age? Are humans and Pokémon actually related? Whether video game or anime, fans have struggled to fill in the gaps and explain those things left unexplained by the creators. Obviously these theories rarely if ever get confirmed, but they’re still incredibly fun ways to look back upon these games with new understanding and appreciation.

As you can imagine, some theories are better than others; but there is one in particular that still manages to capture our imaginations even 15 years later. Some would even call this the ORIGINAL Poke-Theory. I’m of course talking about The Kanto War.

Lieutenant Surge said " You are among the first generation of people to live in peace at post war time"