Pokémon UNITE AKB48 Group Invitational will start its Playoffs on January 16

As the Pokémon Battle Asia 2021 is halfway through, the awaited Pokémon UNITE AKB48 Group Invitational is finally here.


Pokémon UNITE AKB48 Group Invitational is a tournament that features the sister idols of AKB48. In this first ever official Pokemon Unite tournament in Asia, instead of singing and dancing, these idols will be fighting against each other as Trainers of pokémons.


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Pokémon UNITE AKB48 Group Invitational is a regional tournament that features eight groups from popular Asian girl groups namely JKT48, BNK48, MNL48, and CGM48.



The groups that are participating were Valkyrie48 (JKT48), Amazons48 (JKT48), Very Vary (BNK48), Yummy Remote (BNK48), Padayon (MNL48), Stalwart League (MNL48), SteZie (CGM48), and Attack (CGM48).



All eight groups will be divided into two groups of four that will compete in a double-elimination format; it will be a best of three match. After that, it will move into playoffs which will be a single-elimination bracket. The grand finals will be the best of five matches.



The main event took place last January 8 and January 9. The Grand Final will take place on Sunday, January 16. For the two main event last January 8 and 9, here are the results:



The team that will face off in the semifinals will be Yummy Remote and SteZie in the first round, and Padayon and Very Vary for the second round. Whichever group that will win from the semifinals will face off against each other in the grand finals on the same day.

The tournament can be streamed by Pokémon UNITE fans on Pokémon Philippines official Facebook page, Pokémon Asia’s official YouTube channel, or ESL Asia’s official Twitch channel.


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