Pokémon UNITE: Battle Guide

The Pokémon Company and Tencent Games' TiMi Studios are teaming up to create Pokémon UNITE, a strategic team fighting game. Pokémon UNITE will be a free-to-play cross-platform game for the Nintendo Switch and mobile devices.


Pokémon UNITE, Pokémon's first strategic team fighting game, will be released in July 2021 for Nintendo Switch systems and September 2021 on mobile devices, according to The Pokémon Company International and TiMi Studio Group.

Players compete against each other in 5-on-5 team fights in this game. During battles, players will work together with their colleagues to collect wild Pokémon, level up and evolve their own Pokémon, and defeat opponents' Pokémon while attempting to gain more points than the other team within the time limit.


ExpertAbsol is a Pokémon that can close the distance in an instant and deal massive amounts of damage.Its Unite Move, Midnight Slash, is an attack in which Absol slashes and throws opposing Pokémon while dealing great damage to them
Alolan Ninetales

IntermediateAlolan Ninetales uses moves that freeze its opponents in ice, making them unable to move or attack.Level 1: Alolan Vulpix

Level 4: Alolan Ninetales
Alolan Ninetales uses a Unite Move called Snow Globe, an attack in which it creates a blizzard around itself to freeze its opponents.

Intermediate When it’s still a Charmander, it’s not the most reliable, but when it evolves into Charizard, it can use its powerful moves to attack and deal damage over a wide area.Level 1: Charmander

Level 4: Charmeleon

Level 9: Charizard
Charizard’s Unite Move is Seismic Slam, an attack in which Charizard aims for and grabs one opposing Pokémon before bringing it up into the air and slamming it down to the ground.

NoviceCinderace doesn’t just have high attack power. It’s also got the speed to drive opponents crazy.Level 1: Scorbunny

Level 5: Raboot

Level 7: Cinderace
Cinderace’s Unite Move is Blazing Bicycle Kick, an attack in which Cinderace kicks a giant ball of fire at its opponents, dealing massive damage.

NoviceCramorant is the Gulp Pokémon. Cramorant’s Ability, Gulp Missile, allows it to attack by spitting out prey it catches with Dive.Its Unite Move, Gatling Gulp Missile, is another of Cramorant’s specialties. It shoots out a flurry of Gulp Missiles at any opposing Pokémon that approaches.

NoviceCrustle hinders its opponents using many different moves.Level 1: Dwebble

Level 4: Crustle
By using its Unite Move, Rubble Rouser, Crustle covers itself in a swirl of rocks and keeps its opponents from getting anywhere near it.

NoviceEldegoss is a master supporter that can restore its allies’ HP and boost their movement speed.Level 1: Gossifleur

Level 4: Eldegoss
Eldegoss’s Unite Move is Cotton Cloud Crash, an attack that lifts Eldegoss into the air to slam down onto the ground, restoring HP to allies and dealing damage to opposing Pokémon.


IntermediateGarchomp’s Ability, Rough Skin, means it can sometimes cause damage to Pokémon that hit it, so opponents that attack Garchomp carelessly may just get struck back. What’s more, using Dig lets Garchomp sneak-attack its opponents from underground.Level 1: Gible

Level 6: Gabite

Level 10: Garchomp
Garchomp’s Unite Move is Livid Outrage, an attack in which Garchomp gives into its furious rage and attacks its opponents.


ExpertGengar, a Pokémon that lurks in the shadows, is a master of surprise attacks.Level 1: Gastly

Level 5: Haunter

Level 9: Gengar
It can sneak up behind its opponents without making a sound. On top of that, its Unite Move, Phantom Ambush, lets it turn invisible. It’s a move truly befitting Gengar, the Shadow Pokémon!

ExpertGreninja is a Pokémon that uses smokescreens and illusory copies of itself to hide.Level 1: Froakie

Level 5: Frogadier

Level 7: Greninja
Its Unite Move is Waterburst Shuriken, an attack in which Greninja deals massive damage to opponents by throwing a huge water shuriken down on them from above.

ExpertLucario is a well-balanced Pokémon that combines speed and attack power.Its Unite Move is Aura Cannon, a move that sends out an aura blast that deals massive damage to opponents.

IntermediateMachamp is a Pokémon that specializes in melee combat, powered by its strong fighting moves.Level 1: Machop

Level 5: Machoke

Level 9: Machamp
Its Unite Move, Barrage Blow, is an attack in which Machamp rushes forward and unleashes a combo attack on opponents in front of it.

Mr. Mime

IntermediateMr. Mime specializes in hindering opposing Pokémon with its tricky moves.Its Unite Move, Showtime!, is a mysterious pantomime that stuns opponents in the area around it.

NovicePikachu is a Pokémon that excels at attacking opponents from far away with electricity. Sometimes the attacks even leave opposing Pokémon paralyzed!Pikachu’s Unite Move is Thunderstorm, an attack that blasts all surrounding opposing Pokémon with powerful lightning.


IntermediateSlowbro goes about life at its own pace. With its characteristic high defense and blissful unawareness, Slowbro is unfazed by opponents’ attacksLevel 1: Slowpoke

Level 4: Slowbro
Slowbro’s Unite Move is Slowbeam, which locks opponents in place. However, Slowbro itself also becomes unable to move, so it’s best to have some backup from allies.

NoviceSnorlax can take a lot of hits. It’s a dependable Pokémon that can protect its allies from harm.Snorlax’s Unite Move is Power Nap, an attack in which Snorlax nods off and can roll around in its sleep to attack its opponents.

NoviceTalonflame toys with the opposing team by using its moves to quickly maneuver itself and fly over obstacles.Level 1: Fletchling

Level 5: Fletchinder

Level 7: Talonflame
Talonflame’s Unite Move is Flame Sweep, an attack in which Talonflame charges forward over a long distance while cloaked in flame, shoving its opponents aside.

IntermediateIf it moves land successfully, Venusaur can deal a huge amount of damage to its opponents, even from far away.Level 1: Bulbasaur

Level 5: Ivysaur

Level 9: Venusaur
Venusaur’s Unite Move is Verdant Anger, an attack that shoots out a powerful seed bomb that scatters and damages Pokémon all around.

IntermediateWigglytuff learns lots of moves that can stop opponents in their tracks, making it well-suited to using teamwork tactics with its allies in battle.Level 1: Jigglypuff

Level 4: Wigglytuff
Its Unite Move, Starlight Recital, provides protection to Wigglytuff and its nearby allies.

Pokémon UNITE takes place on Aeos Island, a mythical island said to be on the ocean’s unexplored frontier. On Aeos Island, players will find the Unite Battle Committee (UBC), which runs a series of Unite Battle tournaments. In Unite Battles, players form teams of five and compete against each other to see who can score the most points before time runs out. Players also experience a mysterious new form of energy known as Aeos energy. Aeos energy can be used in Unite Battles to evolve Pokémon.

These Unite Battles have passionate fans all over the world, and Trainers everywhere long to join in on the action. You take on the role of a rookie Trainer who’s come to Aeos to take part in these battles.
  • The Rules of Unite Battles - Unite Battles are where Trainers and their partner Pokémon compete in 5-on-5 team battles. The key to victory in a Unite Battle is to have a higher score than the other team when time runs out. To earn points for your team, you must gather Aeos energy by defeating wild and opposing Pokémon and then deposit that energy in one of the opposing team’s goal zones. Unite Battles take place in various stadiums, and the rules for each stadium differ. There can be different numbers of team members, different match lengths, and even different Legendary Pokémon that appear.

  • Face Off against Skilled Teams - In Unite Battles, cooperating with teammates is important. When battling a skilled team or when at a disadvantage, you might be able to open a path to victory by coordinating with teammates. In ranked matches, you can earn performance points, which can increase—or decrease—your ranking depending on the results of the battle. When just starting out, you’ll battle at the Beginner Cup level and begin making your journey to Master Cup. Additionally, those who become ranked will be recorded on a global ranking board for all the world to see.

  • Level Up - Before every Unite Battle, participating Pokémon are returned to Lv. 1 through the power of Aeos energy, and throughout each battle, they gain Exp. Points and level up. As Pokémon level up, they learn powerful moves and evolve, and when a Pokémon reaches higher levels, it also learns its Unite Move—a powerful move that can only be learned and used in Unite Battles. Unite Moves can change the tide of battle!

  • Battle with a Fresh Look - In Pokémon UNITE, you can change the appearance of your Pokémon and Trainer. Take part in Unite Battles while showing off your own unique style! You can use Holowear, a special technology that uses Aeos energy, to dress your Pokémon in a variety of outfits. You can also customize your Trainer’s appearance, clothing, and accessories to make sure your Trainer always looks their best, both in and out of battle. You can update your profile with a Unite snapshot that features your Trainer’s avatar and partner Pokémon, and you can even customize the snapshot by changing your Trainer’s expression or pose or by adding stickers. Before entering a match, you and other players can see each other’s Unite snapshot, too!

  • Find Your Role - Many different Pokémon, such as Charizard, Pikachu, and Greninja, appear in Pokémon UNITE. Although type strengths and weaknesses do not exist in Unite Battles, each Pokémon has its own unique stats and role—Attacker, Defender, Speedster, Supporter, or All-Rounder—that reflects its play style. You’ll want to practice with various Pokémon to find out which best suit you. To use a Pokémon in Unite Battles, you need to have a Unite license for that Pokémon. Unite licenses can be obtained through the Unite Battle Committee, where you can exchange Aeos coins (earnable via Unite Battles) for your desired license.

  • Enjoy Even More Pokémon UNITE with the Battle Pass – You’ll have the opportunity to earn in-game rewards through the seasonal battle pass. To earn these rewards, you’ll need to level up the pass by completing missions. Additionally, players can upgrade their battle pass by using Aeos gems, enabling them to claim even more rewards.

  • Obtain Items via Shops - Pokémon UNITE has three types of in-game currency: Aeos gems (paid), Aeos coins, and Aeos tickets. Aeos coins and Aeos tickets can be acquired by playing the game. At the Unite Battle Committee, players can use Aeos coins or Aeos gems to obtain Unite licenses, which allow them to take Pokémon into Unite Battles. At Aeos Emporium, players can use Aeos coins or Aeos gems to obtain UBC-approved goods like Pokémon held items or Trainer fashion items (fashion items can also be obtained using Aeos tickets). Zirco Trading specializes in Holowear, which can be obtained using Aeos gems.


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