Pokémon UNITE: Maps Guide

When Pokémon UNITE debuts on the Nintendo Switch in July 2021, it will have many maps to combat on. This is a list of all the maps in the Pokémon MOBA.


Mer Stadium
There aren't many surprises in store at Mer Stadium, so don't get too comfy. The restricted amount of goal zones for each team on this 4-on-4 game allows for unique moves and strategies.

Players shouldn't anticipate too much from the final launch site, which is a rework of Remoat Stadium. On the scaled-down version of the map, the 4v4 configuration is designed for faster combat.


Due to the limited number of goals per team, teams will have to rely on their additional character slot to put pressure on their opponents.

Support characters like Mr. Mime and Wigglytuff can benefit from Mer. Snorlax, Slowbro, and Crustle, among other defenders, will be crucial in blocking the three-goal stations.

Auroma Park
The conveyor lines may tempt you to take it leisurely, but at Auroma Park, you'll need to be quick on your feet. These bouts, with three Trainers per side, need commitment to your Pokémon's job if your team is to win.

Auroma Park is designed for rapid fights. Players will be able to fully utilize their favorite ‘mon in a 3v3 scenario without having to worry about larger showdowns or flanking.


Surprisingly, the diamond-shaped arena features conveyer belt lanes that will enhance your speed to each location on the map automatically. Throughout the battle, Sinnoh Legendary Regigigas will emerge at random.

Those who are quick enough to reach its central place when it spawns at random will get a lot of points. Each participant has three goals in the arena, making for a close fight.

Shivre City
The frigid streets of Shivre City have only one goal zone per team, which means you'll be fighting the adversary for control of the area and points all the time.

The icy Shivre City, unlike previous maps, only has one goal position per side. This implies that teams will have to fight in close quarters merely to drop objects for points.


The "Speed Flux Zones," which momentarily enhance speed by a significant amount, make things even more intense. Heavy Defenders like Snorlax and giants like Garchomp will become more lethal as a result.

When racing to the objective sites, the Speedster fighters such as Absol and Talonflame will be a significant obstacle.

Remoat Stadium
The circular map is one of the game's largest venues. Remoat Stadium's architecture, according to creator TiMi, offers players a lot of room to organize strategic attacks, resulting in some of the game's "largest brawls."


The "Legendary Pit," in the map's middle, is where Gen I's beloved Zapdos spawns. This will undoubtedly draw players to the map's center, since killing the Electric Kanto bird will give your team points immediately and render the enemy team's goal vulnerable.

The arena's many passageways and dense grass will be ideal for DPS heroes like Greninja and Pikachu to flank and surprise their opponents. A secondary boss encounter with Drednaw on the beach will award players with XP while also providing shields to all teams.