Pokémon UNITE Tips and Tricks

Pokémon Unite is now available on Nintendo. As this is the first Pokémon-themed MOBA, it’s natural that you may get lost on how you should play this game. But don’t worry, keep reading and you’ll know the tips and tricks on this new MOBA game of the Pokémon franchise.


  1. Resist the urge in skipping tutorials. In the tutorials, it will show you basic and advanced mechanics that you wouldn’t know if you skipped it. The first three will show you how to attack and score while the other three left will teach you on why you should attack wild animals since it could help you change the dynamics of a match to be in your favor.
  2. Check the settings menu. Go to attack controls and switch it to Advanced Control since the game defaults to an automatic basic attack mode. The Advanced Control will help you attack different opposing Pokémon so that you won’t mistakenly attack a wild Pokémon when your target is the enemy player. Turn on the Lock-On Icon, this setting will help you on prioritizing specific Pokémon that you want to attack. This is important since enabling this will allow you to attack precisely.
  3. It's important that before you start your MOBA journey, you have picked the Pokémon best suited to you. After you play the tutorials, it will give you a Unite License which allows you to unlock Pokémon. Remember that even if the Pokémon you chose has a promising skillset, it all depends on the player who will be handling the gameplay of the Pokémon. Here are the Pokémons that you can choose from.
  • Eldegoss - is a support Pokémon. They use long-ranged attacks and restores health for the team, however, they don’t have much health. They’re main focus is to keep the team alive.
  • Snorlax - is a defender Pokémon. They are powerful melee fighters. They have a huge amount of health that could withstand a lot of attacks from enemies. It is useful since they can be a shield for their long-ranged attackers.
  • Pikachu - is a ranged attacker. They use long-range attacks to overpower and defeat enemies from a distance. They have low health pools, which is their weakness however this doesn’t hinder them in becoming the team’s main damage dealer.
  • Charizard - is an all-rounder. They are deadly both in long and range attacks. They have a decent damage output as well as health pool. However, it still depends on the player on how to use Charizard.
  • Talonflame - is a speedster. Due to their speed, it allows them to move all over the map. They roam around the map, taking out wild Pokémons to gain experience. They also help teammates that are in need of assistance as well as in taking down enemies.
  1. As the match proceeds, your Pokémon also levels throughout the game. When your Pokémon reaches a certain level, it can learn new skills. The system will always give two options to choose from, it’s up to you on how you will build your Pokémon to create a play style that can help you win the match.
  2. Learn your lane. Before you start the match, the game will let you know which lane is recommended for your Pokémon to focus on. Though you don’t have to stick with the recommendations, it's best to follow them when you're still starting out since it shows you where your Pokémon is the most effective on the map.
  3. Look out for wild Pokémons. Catching them will reap rewards that will be useful to you, doing so will not only give you Aeos Energy but will also give you buffs that will help you in the match.
  4. There are two types of items that are usable in the game, the Battle Items and Hold Items. Both can be accessed in the Battle Prep in the main menu. Battle items provide a buff to you or a debuff to your enemy. Only one battle item can be equipped at a time and when it's used it goes in a short cooldown. Hold items are specific items for a Pokémon. They are always active and can be leveled up. To level up hold items, you’ll need Item Enhancers which can be bought in the shop.
  5. Yes, you have your favorite Pokémon that you want to use, but in Unite, don’t just pick your favorite. But if you do, commit yourself to learning how to play your favorite Pokémon’s role in the game. Since the Pokémons in Unite have certain roles, choose one that suits your playstyle best.
  6. Learn all Pokémons from the five different roles. Be an all-rounder so that if your main pick was picked by somebody else then you’ll not be screwed.
  7. Use the jump booster to move quickly from your base to one of the lanes. You will see a trampoline, use it to move towards one of the three lanes to move quickly when there is a battle.
  8. Use the Jungle to your advantage. The Jungle has a lot of wild Pokémons and grass, use the grass to keep a low profile since you can hide in there and kill all the wild Pokémon that you will encounter so that your enemies can’t use them for experience and points.
  9. Lastly, which I think will be the most useful tip to know in playing Pokémon UNITE, always play smart. Outsmart your enemies and leave them in dust.

Pokémon UNITE will be available on mobile devices this September and will provide a cross-platform play which will allow players to play their Pokémon Unite on their smartphones. Players can use their Pokémon Trainer Club account or Nintendo Account to keep their progress in-sync between their devices.

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