Pokémon UNITE’s Halloween Festival for this upcoming Spooky season is now live!

As Halloween is approaching, Pokémon UNITE has also released their own Halloween Festival.

pokemon unite halloween festival mas malinaw.jpg

This festival is truly generous. From player cosmetics, new poses, new Holowear for your Pokémon, and a new playable Pokémon, the Halloween Festival has it all for you. Players are also able to redeem awards during the event through playing matches and collecting the pumpkin.

Here is the rundown of Pokémon UNITE’s Halloween Festival:

  • The newest addition in Pokémon UNITE’s roster is the melee defender, Greedent. You can add Greedent in your collection by either purchasing the UNITE license from the in-game store for 8,000 Aeos Coins or 460 Aeos Gems, or by redeeming Greedent through pumpkins that you have earned during the event.
greedent 1.jpg

  • There are six new Holowear styles that will be added in the game. This includes the Bandit Lucario style that was already available for players that have participated in the game’s beta testing. There are already some that are available for purchase while the others will be made available later on.
new holowear.jpg

  • Lucario Bandit Style
  • Blastoise Firefighter Style
  • Zeraora Space Style
  • Charizard Bonfire Style
  • Eldegoss Space Style
  • Wigglytuff Pajama Style
player cosmetic.jpg

  • You can now further customize your players and your player cards by these new player cosmetics, new stickers, poses, and profile decorations. These are all redeemable with pumpkins during the event.
Below are the clothing items available for the event:
  • Halloween Festival Pikachu Mask
  • Halloween Festival Pointed Hat
  • Halloween Festival Candy Bag
  • Costume Party Set
  • Bulbasaur Set
halloween night.jpg

  • There is a new game mode specifically added for this event known as Halloween Night. In this mode, instead of battle items, players can throw pumpkins to their enemies that can turn them into pumpkins as well, immobilizing them for a short time.
The Halloween Festival is already live and it will stay until November 10. Enjoy the Halloween festivities with your Pokémons, Trainers!