PopReach Locks and Loads PAYDAY Crime War Limited Beta for Android; Heisting Begins in Early December

Beta registration for PAYDAY Crime War now open for players worldwide, global launch set for 2022. PopReach Corporation (“PopReach” or the “Company” - TSXV: POPR, OTCQX: POPRF), a free-to-play game publisher focused on acquiring and optimizing proven game franchises, today announced that registration for the limited Android beta for PAYDAY Crime War is now open for players worldwide. Interested participants can register for the limited Android beta which starts in early December here: https://www.surveylegend.com/s/3ehi. App Store users can register for upcoming news on iOS availability. Working closely and under license with New Starbreeze Publishing AB (“Starbreeze”), the owners of the PAYDAY IP, PopReach will launch PAYDAY Crime War worldwide for iOS and Android devices next year.


A vault of new assets, an official website, and social channels have been cracked in honor of PAYDAY Crime War’s upcoming beta. Get the crew together and plan out your hit with the latest PAYDAY Crime War.


PAYDAY Crime War is a standalone first-person shooter game that takes place in the PAYDAY universe. PAYDAY is one of the most successful game franchises in the world with an installed base of over 28 million paid games(1). PAYDAY 2, launched in 2013, is the largest game community on Steam, boasting over 7.1 million members(1) as of March 2021; PAYDAY Crime War is the first mobile entry in the PAYDAY franchise, and will feature PAYDAY 2 game assets that have sold over 105 million(1) additional downloadable content packs (DLC’s).


“Our PopReach team has a track record of translating successful shooter games to mobile, so we’re eager to be taking a shot with such a genre-defining classic as PAYDAY,” said Christopher Locke, President of PopReach. “Partnering with Starbreeze and leveraging their IP knowledge, along with this massive built-in audience, creates a tremendous opportunity for PAYDAY on mobile. Together, we believe we’ll be able to deliver a first-class mobile shooter experience that satisfies even the most loyal heisters.”


A limited number of Android beta participants will have the first opportunity to get hands-on with PAYDAY Crime War, and will influence its development by sharing gameplay feedback. The limited Android beta is open to worldwide registrants.

“We’re all huge fans of PAYDAY, and our design efforts have been focused on creating a mobile first gameplay experience that preserves the original spirit of the franchise,” said Ed Hicks, Lead Designer. “We’re excited to gather feedback from our beta participants, to help us deliver a game that both new and existing PAYDAY fans are going to love.”

About PopReach Corporation

PopReach, a Tier 1 Issuer on the TSX Venture Exchange, with shares also trading on OTCQX® Best Market, is a free-to-play game publisher focused on acquiring and optimizing proven franchises. The Company has to date acquired successful game franchises enjoyed by over 1.9 million unique players a month, including Smurfs' Village (IP under license), PAYDAY Crime War (IP under license), Peak - Brain Training, Kitchen Scramble, Gardens of Time, City Girl Life, War of Nations and Kingdoms of Camelot. PopReach, headquartered in Toronto, employs a team of over 130 experts in Toronto, Vancouver, London, UK, and Bangalore, India.

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