Popular Anime: Youko Senji (The Saga of Tanya the Evil) is getting a mobile game!

Anime has always been an interesting medium to tell stories that spark interest to the viewers. Sometimes it can go very deep that people are wondering what is the hidden premise of it, some are just pretty darn good and hard to be made in other areas like in Western places because it got some things that are too taboo for them, but not for Japan, which has made a lot of people believe that creative freedom is going there so well. Some anime came from other areas too such as manga or light novel, such is the topic that we have today which is Youjo Senki or more known as "The Saga of Tanya the Evil" aaaand guess what? It's about to get a mobile game too, interested? Let's deep dive into more details.

It was announced earlier this week that Studio Harvest is rolling out a mobile game for the franchise, which will be called "The Saga of Tanya the Evil: Madō-shi Kaku Tatakaeri" or The Saga of Tanya the Evil: Battle of Magicians. The smartphone game will be based off from the original plot of the anime plus with expanded stories that will be told by the perspective of different characters, but if you worry about the consistency of the story, don't fret! It was also revealed the the original author of the series, Carlo Zen, will be supervising the game itself. You will not have a thing to worry if the lead of the game is someone who conceptualized the series from the beginning.

Fans of the series have taken a deep dive and made a rough translation regarding the game in the official website, one redditor has said that it will be a tactical RPG with weapon and class systems. I guess we can surmise that it will have some sort of style of gameplay such as Fire Emblem, Advanced Wars, Langrisser, etc. But that is still the rough translation from what they see, details have not yet been fully fleshed out so we wait for more information.

From the looks of it, the game will be a gacha game as evidence is seen from various places. The most obvious one is the pre-registration rewards (which we will talk about later) and how the weapons and characters can be correlated to gacha as well. It is a way to earn great money from the fans and if they pull it off, maybe make more games for the fans to be happy about? But we're only speculating, we will have to wait and see for the results.

As for the pre-registration, the way you can pre-register in the game is via Twitter, LINE friends and entering your email address in their official website. By the time of making this article, the game has already reached the 30,000 pre-registrations, the amount is really growing more and more, so it seems like the initial popularity is still there.

The pre-registration rewards are right above this text. Here are the rewards that you can get in the pre-registration.
  • 50,000 = Coins that can be used to roll 3 times in the gacha
  • 100,000 = Coins that can be used to roll 5 times in the gacha
  • 150,000 = Tanya / Grenadier
  • 200,000 = SS Grenade (C Tanya)
  • 250,000 = Coins that can be sued to roll 7 times in the gacha
  • 300,000 = 11 Gacha Tickets, which guarantees 1 SS Weapon.
As you can see, the game does rely on characters and weapons to constitute a unit's strength. Some might be put off by this but others may be not.


Despite the popularity of the series outside the Japanese market, they have only stated that the release might be in JP for now. But once the success of the game starts kicking in and growing interest in the West, happens, there might be a chance for a Western release, let's hope it does for the fans! Interested? Tell us in the comments below if you want to play the game even if it's in JP for now.