Popular MMORPG MIR4 has revealed its new PVP war in-game feature Valley of Life and Death

Wemade’s popular MMORPG MIR4 has revealed its new PVP war in-game content called “Valley of Life and Death”. The new content is a large-scale team PVP event that runs in seasonal cycles. It starts every two weeks and lasts for a week. For each team, there’ll be five players controlling characters at Level 100 or higher. Ten teams will be competing to either defeat monsters or the opposing team within a limited time. Note, players who will be participating will start the battle with the same stats and skills under the same conditions.

MIR4 Valley of Life and Death.png

After the season ends, the top 2,000 players will receive “Wu Yeogi TE Box” while the top five players will receive “[E] Gold Goblin''. Additionally, all participants will receive “Soulguiding Badge” and the player who have the highest score in one game will become the MVP.

Aside from the Valley of Life and Death, the World Boss “[Blackhorn Winged Drakin] Drakazan” of the Domination Server is also included in this update. This content is large-scale PVE and PVP content that gathers the greatest players from all servers to either make them unite with or fight against each other. The World Boss appears on a random weekday once a week. Players can spot it in Black Dragon Abaddon that is connected to Black Dragon Valley 4F. Any characters that have entered the Domination Server can participate in the attack.

Win against the “[Blackhorn Winged Drakin] Drakazan” to get the sixty dropped items including Legendary-grade boxes that contain various rewards including “[L] Divine Dragon’s Enhancement Stone” and “Legendary Magic Stone”.

Back to the new PVP war feature of the game, to celebrate the arrival of “Valley of Life and Death” update, the game has commenced the “Awaken! Book of Secrets II” event. Aside from that, there’s also the “Osher's Miraculous Fortune” event that increases “Solitude Training” tiers and “Potential” stages, and the “Tome's 7-Day Check-in II” event that gives out “Dragon Material Summon Ticket Selection Box”.

The event “Ruler of the Valley of Life and Death” started last March 25 and will continue until March 31. Players who will be among the 200 top players according to the scores they have obtained will be gifted according to their ranks with items such as “[E] Noirsoul Herb” and “Yellow Dragon's Surprise Gift Box” which contains “Dragon Material Summon Ticket”, “Legendary Blue Dragon Statue”, and more.