Popular My Farm Roblox Title has Bakery Update with New Quests, Animals, Pies and More.

My Farm, created in November of 2019, has seen over 12.2 million visits on Roblox, and now has an update that aims to add more products to the game, including pies and other bakery items.


Tela Viva, Israel - March 11th, 2021 - My Farm is a simulation type game within Roblox where players are tasked with running a farm, taking care of their animals, fulfilling quests and creating produce. This game is multiplayer, with up to 16 farms on each server. There are tons of crops, animals, and machines within the game, with one of the newest editions being an over that can be purchased for your farm.

The oven originally had been used for bread, dough and pizza, but now has been expanded to create pies, including apple pie, cranberry pie, chocolate pie and more. In the middle of the town, players can find a seasonal quest giver in the form of a chef at a bakery, who is looking for players to create a number of products, including the new pies, in exchange for rewards.

Along with the bakery-related goods, My Farm now benefits from a new pony that can be added to the player's farm, as well as three new bat skins, including an orange bat, snow bat and ice cream bat, as chosen by the community. This update also gives users a paycheck for playing the game, every 5 minutes that they are logged in.

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