Popular Vtuber Kizuna Ai’s Anime Series, Kizuna no Allele, will premier in 2023

After her live concert last February 24, 2022, the virtual YouTuber Kizuna Ai has been and is still on an indefinite hiatus. But her story continues in her anime, Kizuna no Allele, as it released a new visual and is set to premiere in 2023.

kizuna ai.jpg

The illustration was done by En Morikura, a light novel and character designer who has worked on Prima Doll, Neko ga Kureta Marui Shiawase, Horobiyuku Sekai wo Sukuu Tame ni Hitsuyou na Ore Igai no Shujinkou no Kazu wo Motomeyo. He’s also Kizuna Ai’s original character designer.

Kizuna Ai’s anime was officially announced during her last performance, Hello World 2022, which was before her hiatus.

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Kizuna Ai’s virtual youtubing career started back in 2016, and while she’s active, she’s actually one of the most subscribed Vtuber on the platform. She has three youtube channels and one channel on Bilibili.

She does vlogs, youtube sketches, discussions like Q&A, and let’s play videos on her channel. En Morikura made her personality like an “intelligent A.I.” who’s able to relate to human troubles. She’s also joyful and is one of the first Vtubers that has branched out to the English community after her fans translated her videos for free.

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During the height of her career, Kizuna Ai has released multiple songs, virtual reality, and augmented reality games. However, after her Hello World 2022 concert on February 24, 2022, she’s been on an indefinite hiatus.