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Oct 28, 2017
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hello there, I am potzpot

What is up!! my name is PotzPot. A.K.A inihaw na Pinoy all the way from the city of Pines Baguiocity... i am new to this community and it would be such a great honor being part of the streaming community of this channel... i am part of the interracial race of the Philippines, Spain,African and American... i could speak over 4 languages fluently (Filipino, English, Ilocano and Kankana-ey), and could understand over 3 other international languages (French, Korean, and Japanese) ....well that is just because of movies hahah lol..

i am currently in japan as an English instructor. and will be staying here for quite some time...
I love Gaming, its a hobby, a stress reliever and a lifestyle...
I love to entertain and communicate... I am a very talkative man at heart...Pusong pinoy pero utak kano!!

pls follow me on twitch and see how things are with me...