Power of Thrones: Rise and Fall FAQ


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Jul 7, 2019
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In the ensuing war against the Devils, everything is waiting to revive. Lords, Please join your fraction, defeat Devils and rebuild our empire. Power of Thrones is the MMO Strategy game with Real Time Combat System. Dedicated 3D Scenes and Characters brings you a visual enjoyment. There are 3 Empires: Dragon Empire, Winter Empire and Golden Empire, which enjoys particular privileges.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How to bind my account?
A: When you have found a pop-up window asking you to bind the account, just click the “Binding Now” button, choose to bind with Facebook or Google Account. Note that you can only select one of them.
You could also bind your account with E-mail as well.

Q: How can I retrieve my password?
A: To retrieve your password, you will have to bind with your E-mail first. Input your account name in the “Retrieve Password” page, then go check your E-mail box.

Q: Can I create more than one characters under one account?
A: Yes, you can create more than one characters for your single account. However, we only support maximum one character for one server.

Q: How can I switch my character or account?
A: To switch your account, you can just log out via the “Logout” button on the server selection page.

If you are in the game, you can switch account/character from the Setting Page.

Q: Can I log in the game on different devices?
A: Yes, your character info is saved on the server, it will not be wiped when you have log in a different device. Just note that you cannot log in on 2 devices at the same time.

Q: What can I do if I cannot log in the game?

A: Please contact us at first if you have found trouble in logging in the game, with details so we could figure out what’s the problem. You can find us via our Facebook Page Messenger.

Q: What can I do if I found my account/character banned?

A: If the system has detected any problem of your account/character, it will ban directly. This can be resumed, but please contact us at the first time, with your game info like account name, game server name and in-game character name. So we could help you to solve the problem soon.

Q: How can I get the game from reliable channels?
A: Currently our game is launched in Google Play Store. You could get it from the link https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.throne.power.an
App Store is coming soon.

Q: May I know the sever time of our game?

A: Our game follows the time under UTC-0.

Q: What Lord’s Level will do? Is it worth leveling up?

A: Your Lord’s level determine the max level of your heroes and artifacts’ tier, thus it highly affects your CP.

Q: What is Knighthood?

A: Knighthood is a Title, which indicates Lord’s POWER and MERIT pts. The higher a Lord’s Knighthood, the more Interior and Combat bonus the Lord can enjoy.
Note that MERIT points can be obtained from PVP section.

Q: What’s City Buff? How can I use it?

A: City Buff covers for Interior and Battles. Once a league has occupied a city, its member could enjoy its Buff as long as it meets the conditions, which is based on types of Buffs.

Q: How to obtain more resource?

A: Resource is significant if you want to get more power in this game. The more resource you obtain, the more buildings, the more advanced technology and the more powerful army you could get.
To obtain more resource, you could:
  1. Gather from the resource fields with higher level;
  2. Upgrade your fields to produce more resource;
  3. Attack other lords and loots their spare resource;
  4. Take advantage of the Resource Items
Q: How can I move the city?
A: Move your Troop to any valid location in the map, then you could move your city there with a City Moving Order.
Note that you could not move to a City not belonging to your Alliance if the Siege War not yet opens.

Q: How can I use the Redeem Code?

A: Go to the “Redeem Code” page via the “Benefit”entry, then paste or type a valid code, then you could get items.

Q: How to get more power?

A: You could be powerful through activities like Building Upgrade, Technology Research, Troops Recruit, Hero and Artifact Advancement.

Q: Can I decorate my Castle and Ark?

A: You could activate and use skins for your Castle and Ark. Note that skins could bring you more buff during its valid period. You could earn skin from certain events.

Q: Any good for being an VIP Player?
A: As an VIP Player, you could enjoy below privileges:
  1. Valued VIP Gift-Pack is available;
  2. Different buffs are available based on your VIP levels
Q: How to get VIP Points?
A: You could get VIP Points via below ways:
  1. Everyday Log-in: We provide VIP Points per day for players, the more days you log in, the more points you could claim.
  2. Recharge: some goods could provide you certain VIP Points;
  3. Redeem Code: for some special events we may send you codes with VIP Points in it, please pay attention to our news!
Q: How many types of heroes are available? Could you share their differences?
A: There are 4 types of heroes in our game: Warrior, Tank, Mage and Auxiliary.
  • Warrior could exert high physical damage while his HP/DEF is not so good.
  • Tank is opposite to Warrior. Though Tank type heroes are born with high HP & DEF, they could not cause high damage.
  • Mage type heroes are similar to the Warrior ones, hitting with high magical damage but with low HP and DEF.
  • Auxiliary is not good at Damage, HP or DEF, but they could exert skills like HP recovery or enemy control.
Q: How could I summon a hero?
A: Once you have 10 shards of certain hero, you are eligible to summon them. When you have passed levels, defeated Monster Troops or Monster Leader, you may get hero’s shards. Also, events like Advanced Trial, some special ones could provide you that. Even some shards could be purchased from the MALL.

Q: How to strengthen my Heroes?

A: Upgrade, Tier Up, Hero Breakthrough, Equipment Breakthrough and Equipment Advancement could improve your hero’s power.

Q: How many heroes could I deploy in one battle?

A: You could deploy 3x Heroes at max for one battle. You will not switch to other deployed heroes as long as your current battling one are alive.

Q: How to join an Alliance:
A: You could join the Alliance by:
  1. Typing its shorten name in the Search Box;
  2. Check the Recommend Alliance list
send application to the Alliance you are going to join, with approval you will be one member of the Alliance.

Q: What Benefits I could get from Alliance?

A: As a member of Alliance, you could enjoy below goods:
  1. Extra Acceleration: to squeeze your building and researching time;
  2. Army Reinforcement;
  3. Specific Buffs: members reaching conditions could enjoy the buffs from City Occupation, and corresponding research buff;
  4. Qualification to join the Alliance Events for rewards, like Siege war
Q: Tell me something about Alliance Technology.
A: All members could join research the technology by consuming their resources or diamonds. All available technology buff will cover all alliance members, thus bring more interior and battle benefits.

Q: Tell me something about Siege War.

A: This is a time-limited event, you will need to join an Alliance to take part in this event, and only Alliance Leader could attack cities.
  • Your Alliance will fight for points within certain time period, based on the city type. There are three types of cities: Small Cities, State Cities/Fortress, King Cities
  • Opening time for Siege War differs from city types:
  • Small Cities: 20:00 UTC-0 every Tue/Thu/Sat
  • State Cities/Fortress: 20:00 UTC-0 every Fri/Sun
  • Fortress/King Cities: 20:00 UTC-0 every Sat
  • There are 2 stages:
Stage I lasts for 10 min, during this period no points will be counted, and you could fight against the City Guardian Legion and move your cities to occupy the land. Then it enters into Stage II, whose period time depends on city types as well(Small Cities: 50min, State Cities/Fortress: 80min, and King Cities: 110min). During the Stage II, your Alliance will deport lord cities from other alliance by fighting against them.
  • Your Alliance points will be added by land occupation number.
  • For Land Occupation number, your alliance points = Land Occupation Number *10 + Gate Land Occupation Number * Gate Points(differs in city, Small Cities:30, State Cities/Fortress:50, King Cities:80)
  • Note that points will be updated per 30s, and only actions above earn points during Stage II.
  • If all Gate Lands are occupied by the same Alliance, when refresh, that Alliance could get 2x Points as reward.
  1. Alliance who reach the Occupation points first will claim the sovereign directly and the Siege War of that city will end as well. If there are more than one alliance reaching the Occupation point, the Alliance who got first will claim the sovereign. *Occupation Points: Small City = 5,000; State City/Fortress = 24,000, King City = 100,000
  2. When the Siege War ends but no Alliance reaching the Occupation Points, the one with highest Occupation Points will claim the sovereign.
  3. If there are more than one Alliance get the same points, the Siege War will last for 30s more till a winner is out.

When your castle has reached LV10, you could build the Forge, where you could activate, upgrade your Artifacts. To Forge the Artifact, you will need materials, which you could collect from victory against the Monster Leader.
Artifact activation could bring you more power.

Artifact is a quite important game feature, as it could provide you huge buff. If you are going for a stronger kingdom, you must pay attention to it.
However, this part will cost you time and resources a lot, it’s worthy to do it.


Aside from the attribute of Artifact itself, there are 3 components with its own. Details are as below:

Artifact Quality UP
Your artifact will be unlocked when your lord reaching certain level. To improve artifacts’ quality, you will have to improve that of its 3 components first and your lord’s level must meet requirement. About the relation between lord’s level and artifacts’ quality, please refer to below table:

Note that for the 3 components of each artifact, materials for quality upgrade are the same. Make sure you use the same quality materials, like if you are upgrading to GREEN quality, you will have to use the green one.
Materials can be fused or dismissed:
  • Fuse: 4x lower quality materials >> 1x high quality material
  • Dismiss: 1x high quality material >> 4x lower quality materials
War Grain

Apart from the Buff, Artifacts provide War Grain. With each quality upgraded, one war grain will be unlocked. Once you have equipped the War Grain, you can use during battles, based on your strategy. Note that you can equip up to 4x War Grains.

The higher your artifacts’ quality, the more effect your War Grain will bring. Also, III and IV quality of each War Grain could be used twice during the battle. Please equip them based on your formation, Artifacts’ quality.