Pre-Alpha Gameplay Trailer For Medieval-Themed PC Game Project HP Has Been Revealed

South Korean–Japanese video game publisher Nexon, releases a pre-alpha gameplay trailer for their upcoming PC war game with the working title Project HP. Get a first look at the new extended trailer featuring actual gameplay footage as well!

The publisher of Maplestory and Elsword, Nexon, officially released more information about their newest PC PVP game Project HP (Working Title) around 3 weeks ago. Developed by subsidiary Nat Games, Project HP is a loosely medieval-themed PvP battle game with stunning visuals and specific system requirements where players can use magic or melee weapons as their preferred battle style when combined with fantastical elements, as well as morph into "heroes" after achieving certain milestones.


Nexon claimed that Project HP was inspired by other similar titles such as Mount & Blade, Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, and MORDHAU. Although the three mentioned games failed to see fame and success in the gaming market, the company believes that by adding continuous live service to overcome “limits”, Project HP will achieve what the other games did not manage to get.

As shown in the trailer, there are currently 6 characters to choose from, each having a specific role from recovery, combat, or defense. A brief, official description has also been provided:
“HP is an explosive PVP medieval-fantasy multiplayer melee action game. Grab your weapon of choice and storm the battlefield to engage in massive, all-out hack and slash Swordpunk warfare. Get ready to spear, slice and shatter your way to victory.”


Although the game is primarily focused on physical and melee combat, Project HP does include elements of fantasy and even magic, contrary to previous reports. There are currently no details available about the playable panther-like race archer seen in the trailer, nor about how magic affects combat in the game's current scope. But it is expected to have limitations and we did witness transformational magic taking place, as well as revival magic.

According to reports, the current recommended specifications are: Windows 10 (64 bit), Intel i7 CPU with 8 cores or more, 16GB RAM or more, SSD 20GB and Nvidia RTX 2060, although this is still subject to change. An alpha test will also be exclusively held in Korea this coming August 5 to 8, 2021, with applications and alpha-testers recruitment starting since July 6, 2021 until August 06, 2021. The test will be limited to players aged 18 and above, following the small print saying that it is 'not for kids'.


If you want to know more about Project HP and stay updated with its news and announcement, you can check out its official website!