Pre-registration exceeded 300,000! Destiny Girl, a massively popular mobile RPG, has announced its presenter today!

Destiny Girl, a massively popular RPG mobile in Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan, has exceeded 300,000 pre-orders on Google Play and App Store in just 2 weeks! The game will be officially launched on April 21!


At the same time, Destiny Girl officially announced its presenter promotional poster today. In the promotional poster, Mook Pichana, a goddess of pure desire in Thailand, personifies Octavian, a character from the popular game, wearing a sexy wedding dress.

Sweet reappearance, start a fantasy journey with Mook!

The presenter Mook Pichana has been famous all over the Internet thanks to her beautiful features and hot body. In the light-colored comedy film "My Sex Doll", she played the sexy robot girlfriend, capturing a large audience due to her hot appearance and professional acting skills. Unlike the role she played in the movie "My Sex Doll", Mook Pichana's short film in "Destiny Girl" does not only have a sexy theme, but is also sweet and natural. At present, the promotional video has not yet been publicized. However, a video of Mook has been posted on the official account, and she has an amazing surprise for you!

Mook is revealed in the short film as a cute, sexy and eccentric girl, just like in the "Destiny Girl" game, where players get the chance to discover more than 100 beautiful girls with different personalities. In this world of fantasy, the player turns into the leader of a team and gathers his own destiny girls to defeat dragons. In the game, you can get a lot of gold coins and resources through casual game modes to upgrade and train your girls and unlock their stories and secrets. You can also unlock private pictures of these girls!


Pre-register countdown, more luxury packages waiting for you to take!

The countdown to the "Destiny Girl" pre-register activity is about to start! Goddess Mook Pichana and more than 100 pretty huntresses are now waiting for you. If you pre-order now, you can still have a chance to get SSR Tamamo. Don't wait to have an unforgettable adventure with lots of hot girls!


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