Pre-Registration for BLESS Mobile is Live Worldwide

Bless Mobile the latest mobile MMORPG from Joycity is open for Pre-Registration. The Pre-Registration is currently live worldwide for adventure-loving players to dive in and enjoy the new world with rewards! The game also holds amazing and stunning visuals, all in the comfort and portability of your phone.

BLESS Mobile.jpg

No need to buy upgrades on your PC and a new console, because this magnificent MMORPG is available on iOS and Android. And if you go for the Pre-Registration event, expect tons of freebies and rewards to make your gaming experience even better!

Bless Mobile has tons of amazing features any RPG gamers will love, and the story and characters will be something that will stay with you and will make any players definitely cherish. The fate of the world is entirely in your hands, and you will be the one to write your Epic story with the type of hero you create.

Choose from 4 different races: Habichts, Pantera, Aqua Elf, or Masques, and build your very own customizable hero with easy and simple functions. Once you're done, it's time to choose from the 5 different character classes to explore the world in. Whether you choose to be the brave Guardian, the meticulous Mage, the frivolous Ranger, the clever Paladin, or the mighty Berserker; you will be blessed by the Guardian character that resides in all the classes, and is unique to each one.

Explore the vast world that is a mix of Monster Hunter World and Final Fantasy XIV all in one, that is free to play and can be accessed through the convenience of your mobile. It captures a similar experience of exploration and worldbuilding like MH World, and it has interesting character customization and races like FFXIV. At the same time, it makes you dissociate into an amazing world that you don't want to leave and play hours and hours for.

Be the first heroes of this amazing new world and pave way for a new saga this 2021!

FEATURES: The glorious PC MMORPG can now be played casually on mobile. This game's mobile features make it easier for mobile gamers to enjoy the customization and progression system the game has to offer as the players explore and create their very own epic saga.

Your Character, Your Story, Your Way

Choose from 4 brilliantly designed and fantastic races: The heroic Habichts, charming Masques, ferocious Pantera, and elegant Aqua Elf.

The ultra-intuitive and easy to use creation customization feature is a mobile RPG first. Instead of numbers and sliders, characters can be fully customized with a simple slide motion, delivering magnificently detailed customization, all while keeping it simple.

The Warrior Absolute/ Be the Champion the World Needs
  • The hero's path is arduous and forged by fire: Bless players get to choose from 5 different character classes: Guardian, Ranger, Berserker, Paladin, or Mage
  • Deep behind the heart and soul that drives the hero's course the soul of the Guardian resides. Each character class is tied to their own Guardian. Harness and master the power of the Guardian spirit.
A Limitless, Untamed Frontier
  • Bless Mobile offers a vast world to explore. In addition to the traditional questing and hunting, the game provides opportunities for players to focus on fishing, collecting, and mining.
  • Exploration plays a crucial role in character progression by offering players to find hidden locations throughout the world and discover treasures within.
Create Your Own Epic!

Create, Explore, Test Your Mettle, and Take the fight to the very Gods that have cast the world aside.

Requirements: iOS(iPhone 6S and above), Android(Galaxy Note 5 and above

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