Pre-registration For The New RPG Elysium Lost Is Now Available For Android Devices

Pre-orders for the latest RPG title by 9SplayDeveloper are now being accepted on Google Play Store for Android devices.


Legendary narratives, large-scale battles, and explosive action are all featured in Elysium Lost, a completely new role-playing game. On this game, players will take on the role of a god's descendent in a journey to weave their narrative. South Asian developer 9SplayDeveloper created the game, which is well-known for its other title, Abysswalker, which is also available on the PlayStation 4.


Game Features

Taking place in a medieval fantasy universe, players will be treated to action-packed, exhilarating gameplay that is complemented by stunning visuals. It is thanks to the availability of a unique Dual-Talent system that gamers can enjoy a variety of playstyles while also creating countless dynamic skill combos to overcome their opponents.


The game will also enable cross-server events and challenges, allowing players to compete against one another for a chance to earn a variety of valuable rewards. There are a number of other notable features, including the ability to capture a variety of creatures from Pet Island, the ability to collect a variety of mounts to aid players during explorations, and the inclusion of a Territory War mode, in which players must defend their territory by destroying the crystals of their opponents.


Elysium Lost Pre-registration

Elysium Lost has been published in Taiwan by 9SplayDeveloper, and players in the country may now get the game through Google Play and the App Store, respectively. Pre-registration for this next RPG has also been opened up to gamers all over the world, as announced by the developers. Players may now pre-register for this upcoming RPG on Google Play Store for Android.

No official date has been set for the release of the game's English-language edition as of yet, but it is anticipated to be released later this year.

A medieval fantasy setting with high-quality graphics will present gamers with a visually appealing experience that is infused with ancient and historical elements. Additionally, support for cross-server events and challenges is a welcome inclusion, as it ensures that players from all over the world can compete against one another. On the whole, Elysium Lost appears to be a compelling product that has successfully blended numerous characteristics of historical and survival games to present gamers with an exciting experience.