Pre-registrations for global version of takt op Symphony is now available

takt op Symphony has started accepting pre-registrations for the global version, which was previously only accessible in Japan. Both iOS and Android devices support pre-registration for the game.


About the Game​

takt op Symphony is a 3D turned-based RPG created by DeNA and Bandai Namco for those who are unfamiliar with the name. The game takes place 20 years after the anime's events, in a world without music because it attracts monsters called D2s that are the result of a black meteorite that crashed from space. The Symphonica Internal Organization and Musicarts were established to train people who had the musical ability to repel the D2s. By performing movements that are based on musical compositions, players assume the role of Musicarts and engage in combat with the D2s.


Pre-registration Milestones​

Similar to pre-registrations, the game has set milestones that, when met, allow players to receive rewards in accordance with them. The accomplishment is as follows:
  • 300K: Sound Conductor II x2, Note Coin x10000, Clio Speck x3
  • 500K: Ampasa Tea x1, Memory Foam II x2
  • 800K: Limited Badge x1
  • 1.2M: Limited Record x1
  • 2M: SSR Memory x1
Through the Google Play Store for Android and the App Store for iOS, players who are interested in pre-registering can do so.