Pre-registrations for Need for Speed Mobile is now available for Android and iOS in selected regions

Need for Speed Mobile has officially started pre-registrations for both Android and iOS platforms in a few chosen areas, including Taiwan and Hong Kong, following the news that the game will launch globally in the fall of 2024.


The racing game Need for Speed Mobile, an open-world racer set in the scenic Hot Bay, offers the amazing hot pursuit action mobile. The game was scheduled for release in China and a private closed beta was held there after it was rumored that TiMi Studios and EA were developing an NFS game. You can race in both single and multiplayer modes and drive wherever you like because it's an open universe. You can choose to be a racer trying to achieve popularity or a member of the pursuit team pursuing criminals in the game's 40-player races featuring the famous hot pursuits. An original plot is reportedly in the works as well.

There are 150 supercars in this game, including Lamborghini, Porsche, and Ferrari, to mention a few, and you can customize them however you choose. The specifics of the real-time day-and-night weather changes, which complement the dynamic environments you can experience in over 30 tracks and make it an exciting thrill for you, are already detailed in our article on our first impressions following the viewing of the leaked gameplay footage.

Need for Speed Mobile is expected to launch this year on September 12​

You can visit the Google Play Store and App Store, the official storefronts for Android and iOS devices, if you are from Taiwan or Hong Kong. You can check for updates on the official website, which is operational and has additional information. The game is being published by Garena in these areas.