Prepare For A Mythological Harem - New Idle RPG Sword Master Story Released

Admit it, we've all played this kind of game once. A game that feels more like a fan service rather than a real game and we enjoyed it at some point. Well, the creator of the popular mobile game Evil Hunter Tycoon just released a new idle RPG using mythological characters for our eyes to feast with. Sword Master Story is now available on both Android and iOS!

Sword Master Story.jpg

That poster looks normal, isn't it? Trust me, the moment you play it and start summoning mythological goddesses, you'll know why the title indicates "HAREM". In Sword Master Story's world, you'll play as a dual-wielding swordmaster like Kirito and crush everyone with the help of your harem powers.

Sword Master Story a.png

I'll be honest with you guys. I tried the game and it's fun if you're super into this kind of stuff. But, as for me, the amount of "Ara-Ara" vibe was too much for me. Imagine being that awesome cute little knight then, a few moments later, you're surrounded by almost naked goddesses. That's one hell of fan service my friend!

Sword Master Story b.png

I'm not saying that the game is bad. I'm just not into that hardcore harem situation. But, moving on, the game has its unique element that will get you hooked up into addiction. The pixelated animation and design combined with fast-paced actions are very satisfying to watch. The character illustrations may need some improvement, but the battle animation is gold!

Sword Master Story c.png

If you're familiar with the popular and one of the earliest mobile RPG game Brave Frontier, then you'll definitely enjoy the animation despite its idle genre. You can search for different gameplay on Youtube and you'll see why. And, oh, before we proceed, Sword Master Story is also part of one of the largest mobile gaming genre, GACHA!

Well, that's basically the concept of you'll collect the characters and equipment. That may be a bad thing for unlucky players. But, the good news is there are A LOT of freebies and content for newbies. Microtransactions are present as usual too if you prefer to dominate the game with money.

Sword Master Story d.png

Besides the vast PVE content to enjoy, PVP is also there to test your strength against other players. Watch as your goddesses and dual-wielding knight battle against another player's harem. If you're into battling with fashion, the developers also added a way for you to equip costumes to your characters.

Well, that's basically it. I just hope that it won't be ruined by its microtransactions. If this game improves in the future, I might play it again. How about you? Would you like to try the game too? Check them out now on Google Play Store and App Store.