Preparing for the Shadow Arena Final Beta


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Jul 7, 2019
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This is the Lead Producer of Shadow Arena, “Byulbram” Kwangsam Kim. To start off, I want to sincerely thank all our players worldwide who participated in the 11-day global beta test from February 27 to March 9, 2020. Through the global beta test, we wanted to test Shadow Arena’s ranking system as well as several facets of the system logic which matches players with others of similar skill levels, so we could find the right direction for the game.

We also introduced Ancient Altars, Specters, Sealed Chests, and more to enhance the game’s strategic elements. With this, we wanted to learn how the aspects of the game would change, what players liked and disliked, and what additions players desired.

In response to all of our questions, we received tons of data thanks to everyone’s enthusiastic participation. As a result of this valuable data, we have been able to fine-tune the game once more.

Of course, fine-tuning comes with fixing all the big/small issues found during the previous test. I believe that we’ll be able to mostly fix the parts that we were mistaken about and these big/small bugs.

One more thing, we are currently developing “Normal Match” and “AI Match” as well.

Normal Match
We noticed the fact there was a high level of fatigue from players unavoidably having to intensely focus and try their hardest during the entirety of a match since the game’s results were always recorded. As a result, we are developing “Normal Match” for players to be able to play the game casually without having their scores recorded. The detailed rules for Normal Match will be announced soon, so play stay tuned.

AI Match
We wanted to reduce the necessity of new players having to play against experienced players in order to learn about the game. Thus, we are going to introduce a game mode where you play against the AI in order to make the game easier to learn and practice. Furthermore, AI Match is being developed not only to help new players get used to the game, but to help experienced players enjoy the game by providing them a place to easily practice, experiment, and warm-up as well.

And so, the Final Beta Test, which includes balance/bug fixes and preparations for the game’s launch, will be held on April 17, 2020.

Then, I’ll see you again at the Final Beta Test! Thank you.