Press Release: BlackShot: Revolution Competitive Season 1 event

BlackShot: Revolution also opened another exciting event entitled Competitive Season 1! Have you made it to the top rank? We bet that you are working towards it. Let us know if you got it.

Load Up! Gear On! Competitive Season 1 Opens!

After the big revamp and overhaul, here comes the newest and upgraded Vertigo Games’ First-person shooting experience, BlackShot: Revolution! Tough combat and exquisite tactical and strategy skills will be put to test for the official release of Competitive Season happening this August 8!

Reload your guns, prepare the ammo and gear up the mercenaries for the battle you’ve been wanting to happen! Be part of the first official Competitive Season 1! This is not a drill! Beta no more! Real Deal is ON! Clans are waiting in the line for the sought-after battle with others.

Calling all your best team members being the pivotal needs for this battle. This rank-based competition gives each participant to attest that they are the strongest and smartest in the league of BlackShot when it comes to strategic combat. Support and be as ONE team to attain all the triumph. The competition is open to all ranks, starting from Sergeant and up. Each Season of Competitive Mode grants participants prizes based on their ending rank Tier when completed. Prize differs so better man up to reach the top of the leaderboard ranking. The hard work in the battlefield gets to be rewarded Competitive Mode will be making your gaming experience for BlackShot: Revolution much intensified and combat-worthy! After all, this first-person shooting game really excites muscle and gives heart-pounding feels.

Among the new additions to Competitive Mode, NEW RANKS: DIAMOND, MASTER, and GRANDMASTER! We'll have more news for you soon...

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About BlackShot: Revolution:
Originally released on 2008 by Vertigo Games, BlackShot is a Multiplayer First-Person Shooting combat game featuring an intense competitive multiplayer shooter action set in a dystopian future, where corporations and governments employ cloned mercenaries to battle one another for revolution.

Game Features
  • Customisable Mercenaries
  • World Class Arsenal
  • Various Game Modes/Combat
  • Team Deathmatch
  • New and Improved Maps
  • Competitive Rank Play
  • Additional How-to Guide for newcomers and veterans who aim to polish their skills and excel
  • And a whole lot more!

About Vertigo Games:
Vertigo Games is a game developer and publisher established in 2006 and based in Seoul, Korea. It aims to bring such pleasant feeling of dizziness to gaming experience.